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Would you believe me if I told you that these fluffy delicious pancakes were made only with eggs, mashed banana and a little almond flour?? And let me just seriously clarify, I normally do not put that much syrup on my pancakes however I was trying to get that perfect pour shot (which sadly I really never achieved since I was by myself trying to pour AND shoot at the same time), but hey I guess you get the idea. These one looks incredibly yummy and thank you so much for the protein pancakes tips: really love it. Are there any subs for bananas (either for this recipe, or just in general when banana’s are used).

Avoid certain foods like fried foods, chocolates, other candies, cookies, ice cream, re living with (parents, room-mates, etc.) about your new eating habits.
They are always used as alternatives in healthy recipes, and I find the banana flavor to often be too strong.
Just about to go to breakfast and craving some pancakes but I’m not very good friends with gluten at the moment. They may start eating healthier too, or help you choose good fruits, vegetables, and other good healthy food.

Start by drinking one few carbonated drinks… 3 cans a day, 2, 1, then eventually none!

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