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Maybe it’s a much needed vacation getaway, or just another one of those business trips, maintaining healthy eating habits while traveling can be a big challenge. At the moment, food is still allowed in all forms of transportation (plane, bus, train, boat) so use it to your advantage by packing easy to-go meals and snacks to keep in your carry on.
1) Dried fruit and nut mix – Mix your favorite combo and throw them into the perfectly portioned snack bags. 5) Veggies slices – If you don’t have the time to cut them, buy them pre-cut and throw them into a sandwich bag. 6) A health food bar – Choose ones that are made from whole and minimally processed ingredients and at least 8 grams of protein.

If you weren’t able to pack in advance, which is ideal, you CAN make the right choice when purchasing food at the airport, train station, gas station, or bus station. It is important to stay hydrated while traveling, which is especially important on long flights. Ask for dressing accompaniments on the side such as dressing, sour cream, cheese, and mayonnaise. Limit alcohol – I would suggest not doing this while you are in travel, especially if you are driving.
It is definitely a challenge to find healthy food while traveling and a perfect excuse to indulge.

I must admit, I always end up feeling sluggish and run down when eating poorly during my trips. I travel on business constantly, and these are exactly the tips I use to try to stay fit when on a busy business schedule.
It’s a great way to destress, clear your head, and avoid other behaviors (like too much eating or drinking) that prevent you from getting healthy.

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