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I'm Sophie - an ordinary girl with honest, real-life advice and inspiration to get healthy. I really admire Sophie’s determination and honesty in her journey to find a successful balance between healthiness and happiness in her life. Since making some pretty significant changes to my lifestyle several years ago, I’m always on the look-out for others who are passionate about living at their best too. 100-healthy-days definitely keeps me motivated and inspired to strive for a healthy, balanced way of life. Sophie has been an inspiration to me from the day I first saw her blog, at 100 days reached, and still is today.
The 100 Healthy Days Challenge begins at Day 1 and is the healthy kick-start to the rest of your life.

Sign-up!Subscribe to the 100HD newsletter for free recipes, tips & motivation straight to your inbox!! You will no longer have to diet because exercise and proper nutrition have become your lifestyle. Having been a self-professed loather of exercise for the majority of my life, it’s great to have someone like Sophie leading the way. I am an international GB athlete but I am also still a just a woman trying to balance a full time job and real life responsibilities with my sporting goals. Its amazing how little effort is needed to get in shape compared to all the complicated and expensive weight loss diets out there. I can really draw on the motivating and empowering nature of Sophie’s blog and achievements.

Here was a woman who, like me, adored chocolate and wine but had decided to change her lifestyle.
Seeing how she came back from such injury and illness, became so fit and conquered so many fears really made me examine my own life. I know that even though I have completed my 100 days that this is just the beginning and I’m looking forward to my next 100 days.

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