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Whisk peanut butter, orange juice, soy sauce, vinegar and sugar in a medium bowl until smooth. Tip: For thinly sliced beef, freeze for 30 minutes to make it easier to cut into very thin slices. Nutrition Bonus: Vitamin A (140% daily value), Vitamin C (110% dv), Folate (40% dv), Potassium (25% dv), Magnesium (19% dv).
November 7, 2013 By Kalee 4 Comments Last night we made a super easy Paleo and gluten-free beef stir fry. If you aren’t going Paleo and gluten-free, you can always have a bed of whole wheat rice with the stir fry. Besides trying some new paleo and gluten-free recipes, I have also been following the 21 Day Fix nutrition and workout plan. I can’t wait to share my whole experience with ya’ll and also have a 21 Day Fix Challenge Group start in February! Affiliate link below  – meaning I make a small percent if you order something through this link. Beachbody Coach Guide – Everything You Need to Know About CoachingI signed up to be an Independent Beachbody coach in March 2012 with my mom. Here you can find the perfect lemon poppy seed pancakes.Watch the movie and look at the recipe to find out how to make those pancakes.
Poached eggs baffle a lot of people at the best of times but they are actually very simple make. In my opinion, the best way to enjoy a nice summer day is with a chilly glass of refreshing iced tea! This instructable will go over one of the most basic grow techniques (PF Tek) for growing a wide variety of mushrooms including Shaggy Mane, Lion's Mane, and P. This is a fairly simple recipe to make roasted tomato avocado toast with some hidden ingredients that really bring out both the flavors of the tomato and avocado but help balance them very well.
Hi friends and fellow brewers,This instructable will teach you how beer is made, how you can make beer, how to make an inexpensive brewery and how to automate the brewery you made!

In this instructable I'll show you how to make an iced coffee frappe at a fraction of the cost to buy one at coffee shops.
I love banana bread, so when I saw a mug cake version of it, I knew I needed to give it a go. This is a refreshing summer snack made with three vibrant and fresh ice cream flavors stacked into a beautifully colored Neapolitan. If you've got a Melitta brand burr coffee grinder like model MEBG8B but it won't grind anything, maybe you've got a stuck button. Hello everyone,Here is a tutorial on how to make a starter, and make a loaf of bread using the starter.I suggest you read the whole Instructable first before you start baking.Have fun baking and please Like Comment and Subscribe!
The first couple times you brew your own beer or wine, you're more concerned about the end product - delicious, delicious alcohol.
With just 6 ingredients this is an easy recipe to make, and it only takes about 10 minutes to roast once you remove the marinated salmon from the refrigerator.
I’m not 100% Paleo since I am in the test group for the 21 Day Fix, but I do love some of the recipes.
I personally had reached my limit of grains that my belly really likes before dinner so I skipped the rice.
Obviously the ice cream is my main objective, but somehow everything is better in a cone.So what if in the cone wasn't ice cream. As both of the filling ingredients bake,they unite into a chocolatey and fruity sauce,hard to resist! Adding ground orange peels,date syrup, and chilled coconut cream just takes it over the top! Egg in an Avocado Hole is delicious and has definitely become a staple in my breakfast routine and maybe yours too!
And for the topping, you can just sprinkle them with icing sugar, sugar+cinnamon+nutmeg powder, glaze them, or dip them in chocolate!
This banana bread mug cake cooks in under two minutes in the microwave and tastes very similar to traditional banana bread.

The exact amount is only a secondary concern.As you start getting more and more into the hobby, knowing the percent alcohol can be useful. Using the same ingredients in two separate meals is a great way to save money, reduces waste and leads to a more sustainable lifestyle. Add cabbage and 2 tablespoons water; cook, stirring, until beginning to wilt, 3 to 5 minutes.
A couple of jalapenos would be great with it if you would like a little more heat to the beef stir-fry. After seeing my Lego Man cake, my friend asked me if I could make a Curious George cake for her son that was turning 2 years old in a few days.
Read on, And I will teach you how to make the best beef short ribs I personally have ever eaten. The list goes on.`I've been baking for over 5 years now, and I've made a great deal of brownies.
Add carrots (and more water if necessary to prevent sticking or burning) and cook, stirring, until just tender, about 3 minutes more. No.Back on track, here is a very famous drink from Indonesia that you can make it at home by yourself.Here we go!
Return the steak and any accumulated juices to the pan, then pour in the peanut sauce and toss to combine. Then about 2 weeks ago, I found out I had been selected to be in the 21 Day Fix Coach Test Group!

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