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Although many people avoid making chapati, it is very easy to make them and all you need is to practice. 7.Once the 30 minutes are over, roll your chapati dough into small ball according to the number of chapati you want to make.
8.Spread each chapati dough ball with a wooden rolling pin into circular flat bread adding flour where necessary so as to avoid the bread from sticking to the surface.
With patience and the right ingredients, you can learn how to make Kenyan chapati dough and make delicious and soft chapatis within a short period of time. What you need to know is that kneading chapati dough the wrong way can make you chapati to be hard.

Apply the oil to the dough once you have attained the right extensibility and elasticity. I used to buy them when I was living in Nairobi, from a family restaurant near my house and enjoy it. Since I was growing up I always got extremely excited every time my mum used to declare we are eating chapati for the day.
Heat butter in large skillet (pan) and saute livers, turning constantly until blood disappears.
I was given it by a my father in law who got it from a buddy and took it to be polite but doesn’t eat game.

The kinda things i was looking to put in it where Duck,ham,chicken, peas, mint, parma, apricot,smoked bacon, pork.

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