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As a devout chocolate lover since birth, I've never totally warmed to the idea of fruit desserts. Occasionally I'll enjoy an old-fashioned strawberry shortcake or classic tarte tatin, but in the summertime I rarely seem to make pies and baked goods using our beautiful Georgia produce.
Clafoutis is a traditional French dessert that falls somewhere between a custard, a souffle, and a pancake. Combine the milk, cream, sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla, and salt in a blender or food processor and process until the batter is smooth, about 20 seconds. Nealey Dozier is a former wedding planner turned chef, culinary instructor, recipe developer, and food writer. Summer — the season of impromptu picnics, backyard get-togethers, and lazy dinners — demands hospitable and casual desserts that come together easily and feed everyone from large to small.
This is one of my favorites: A one-bowl butter cake, baked in a pretty dish, and topped with tangy whipped cream and piles of summer fruit.
The base of this summery dessert is my favorite one-bowl butter cake, which mixes up quickly and doesn't even require you to use a separate bowl for the flour and baking powder. The cream on top is a quick blend of whipping cream and sour cream; the tanginess lightens the rich cake.
Use a hand mixer or stand mixer to beat the softened butter and sugar together until fluffy and light, then add the eggs and beat until fully incorporated and creamy. Immediately pour into the prepared pan and bake for 40 to 45 minutes, or until the tops spring back slightly when pressed and a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean. Faith is executive editor of The Kitchn and author of three cookbooks, including the James Beard Award-winning The Kitchn Cookbook, coauthored with Sara Kate Gillingham, as well as Bakeless Sweets. A couple of weeks ago I reached out to my Facebook visitors and asked them what type of dessert they would like to see in one of my upcoming posts. One day I was viewing the many food images on the internet and ran across a photo of mango syllabub.
Imagine my surprise when I realized the dessert was so simple to make and used only a few kitchen tools. So to you, my Facebook visitors, I present Mango & Lemon Syllabub, a quick, easy and refreshing dessert, perfect for summer entertaining. The wonderful thing about this recipe is that you can take a few fresh, sweet mangoes with few other ingredients and with very little effort produce such a delicious dessert. My goddaughter, Gabrielle, and my sister-in-law Beth are driving in from New Jersey this evening for the festivities, I can’t wait to see them. For the syllabub, with a hand-held mixer or wire whisk, whip the heavy cream until slightly thickened. For the puree, put the flesh of 2 mangoes in a food processor or blender and blend to a puree.

If your fans were asking for simple and light, looks like you just hit this one out of the park!
Backyard decks are fantastic, I love sitting outside at night, listening to the crickets and looking at the stars, you’re gonna love it! This is something similar to mango pudding I make but the way you have presented is gorgeous. These are some of the best, from classic Italian to North American there is something for everyone.A Yummy Best Easy Summer Dessert Recipes that are perfect for A kids, or when company is coming for dinner. As Italians say "there is always room for one more", so pull up a chair and have a taste of delicious Italian dishes and some amazing desserts. I have a pretty good assortment of fast and easy no bake desserts perfect for the hot weather. This recipe is perfect for children who are just starting to learn to cook, because there is no baking involved or any use of kitchen tools. This is a great recipe!Sometimes I change this up a bit and use chocolate graham crackers and instead of the chocolate frosting on top I place fresh berriers right before serving. Tina, this is an awesome cake, I have been making it for a couple of years and my family loves it. Have made this for years and my son asks for it for his birthday cake every year and now that he is grown his girlfriend is required to do it now!! I am 76 years old.As a child my Mom made these in individual stacks and iced them all around.
I have made this recipe many many times and sometimes I add with each layer a layer of bananas, any fruit works pretty good too. I make this very often using different flavors of pudding and I also do not use cool whip in mine. All that changed a few years ago, however, when a pastry chef friend served me my first hot, fluffy blueberry clafoutis.
Place four medium ramekins or jars, about 6 ounces each (or six smaller ones, about 4 ounces each) on a baking sheet.
I like the contrast of colors here, with rosy strawberries, juicy blackberries, and ripe peaches.
I’d never heard of the dessert but it was presented so beautifully in the photo that I decided to find the recipe. The finely chopped mango adds a nice texture to the smooth puree, and I especially liked the whipped cream sweetened with honey. Even though it’s winter here and so freezing cold, I’d love to indulge in one right now!

I love to eat this in summer and usually make it on Canada Day with some red and blur berries. We made this last Friday and by Saturday it was almost gone only two slices left that i gave to a friend. But the real beauty of clafoutis (ha, see what I did there?!) is how easy it is to whip up. I think I would almost prefer to eat it while it still has the crunch of graham crackers, but it still tastes great after sitting overnight. I'm thinking a layer of banana slices under the second layer of graham crackers would be the perfect touch, too. Since it just requires a few pantry ingredients, you can throw it in the blender and put it into the oven before dinner, and as soon as the plates are cleared, you've got a piping hot dessert. I will admit that it took me a few tries to get this recipe exactly how I remembered it. If you want to get really crazy, drizzle with chocolate, although I don't think fruit like this needs that at all.
LOL This is a wonderful recipe for the summer as it's light and cool and not having to turn on the oven is another plus.
I also make a strawberry puree to go on top sometimes when I use strawberry pudding to make this. In fact I made the mistake of serving my first test at a dinner party with rather unfortunate results.
The longer the better this will insure that the crackers soften up and be just like a eclair. It's so easy to put together and no one can believe the chocolate topping is a frosting. Try any variations with this and you will certainly find that it is wonderful anyway you make it. Another one Ive been making for years is layer club crackers in a 13x 9 pan add butterscotch pudding and cool whip. To the person who asked about using graham cracker crumbs, they will not work at all since the graham cracker is what holds this dessert all together really. Of course it may seem like a lot of trouble to turn on your stove in the middle of summer when berries are best, but I promise the result is worth every second it spends in the oven.
Just be sure to have a scoop of homemade Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream ready to cool the dessert, and you, down.

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