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June 21, 2011 2 CommentsThe 4th of July is quickly approaching; are you grilling and entertaining guests?  Or do you bring a dish to share at a family gathering? Ingredients? cup dry bulgar? cup water1 cup sliced grape tomatoes1 large bunch parsley, minced1 small bunch mint, minced? cup raw walnuts, roughly chopped2 TBSP extra virgin olive oiljuice of one large lemon? tsp sea saltDirectionsBring water to a boil on the stove. Food blogger Marc Matsumoto offers advice on stir-fry technique in a full post on the Fresh Tastes blog. Let sit for 15 minutes, or until bulgar has absorbed all of the water.Fluff cooked bulgar with a fork and transfer to a large bowl. Terry Robinson KnightRe: Stay Healthy with No-Mayo ColeslawHi Pam, freezing this, or any slaw is probably not a good idea.

They're like little daggers that pierce the cell membranes of plant-matter (like cabbage). Stir-fry, using the spatula to break up the rice so that there are no clumps.Add the ham, and then sprinkle on the curry powder, soy sauce, and pepper. When you defrost it, the cells are full of Marc MatsumotoRe: Stay Healthy with No-Mayo ColeslawI'm wanting a slaw to make ahead for the freezer, and using no mayo!
I was just a bit surprised by the calorie count, but these are clearly far better for you than many other treat options. Kitchen VignettesRe: Coconut Chocolate SquaresOnce the coconut filling set up, I cut them into squares and dipped them into the chocolate.

Then I sprinkled chopped salted Marcona almonds on top and set them on wax paper to chill.So good!!

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