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We share our thoughts on a variety of topics ranging from fashion to fitness, food and travel, and whatever makes us smile. I love working with the team at Next.A  They are so innovative and passionate about taking internet video to the next level. TMI weekly has run its course and will be ending this month, but I am slated to start a new show with Next in the new year.A  Something fun, not particularly different for me, but it’s sure to keep you informed and entertained!
With Paperless Post, you can send a digital version of a real note and not worry about any of the aforementioned issues.
Customize everything on your invite, announcement, holiday card, or thank you note.A  You choose from a variety of themes and fonts, add personal pictures, and print on multiple sides. The Ooma box is cutting edge tech, easy to use, and will save the recipient tons of cash.A  What more could you ask for?!

Remember “Take The Lead,” that movie where Antonio Bandaras plays a dancing teacher (Pierre Dulaine) who teaches a group of inner city kids to dance and, well, find themselves in the process?A  You saw it and cried at the end, remember?
My friend Jo Jo worked for Pierre at Dancing Classrooms in New York, and she has gone on to open another branch with the same mission.
It has 70 to 90% less fat than beef (depending upon the cut of the meat) and less of it is saturated fat.
Most people use concealer that is too yellow and light under their eyes which looks anything but natural.A  The salmon color works with the purple and camouflages the darkness. Finally, the lip gloss that looks likes something a Vegas showgirl would wear, is sheer and provides a soft glow.A  I would have never picked up these two colors, but Eve insisted I try it. Admittedly, the products are expensive but fall within the price range of department store brands.A  The difference is that Eve Pearl products are infused with nutrients to double as anti-aging treatments.

Home baking may not be the universal art it used to be in home kitchens, but the fondness for beautifully browned loaves stays the same. They spend their lives on grass, much as they always have, with very little time in the feedlot.

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