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Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting recipes and cooking tips to your email inbox. Add the think coconut milk and continue to cook on low-medium flame till the vegetables are almost cooked. Adjust salt, crushed black peppercorns, cashew nut paste, thick coconut milk and curry leaves.
You can parboil the vegetables and reduce the quantity of thin coconut milk as well as cooking time while cooking the par boiled vegetables. Vegetable Stew recipe is a healthy, easy and quick to make dish among Kerala recipes.This vegetarian dish is served with Appam, Kerala style white pancakes.

Even the color of the stew varies from white to hues of turmeric yellow based on the ingredients that go into its making.
I enjoy cooking for my family using fresh produce from my vegetable garden and farmer's market.
A delicately flavored stew where the spices do not over power the natural flavor of the vegetables.
One of the best Kerala style vegetarian recipes that is healthy, easy to make and outright delicious. The addition of aromatic whole spices, ginger and fresh coconut milk enhance the natural flavor of the vegetables by leaps and bounds.

I believe that hard work, self-discipline, and a positive attitude cannot help but reap a harvest of fantastic results. The crucial ingredient is fresh coconut milk which lends a sweet flavor that is perfectly balanced with the spice of crushed peppercorns.

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