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If you’re looking for something good to cook for dinner tonight, I highly recommend this recipe.
We have been making this for years- it is also good with swiss (or really, any hard) cheese. October 25, 2012 by Tricia H Leave a Comment Sign up to receive FREE weekly emails with recipes, coupons and other money saving tips right into your inbox. Spread the mixture evenly over the chicken breasts, and then sprinkle Italian bread crumbs over the top.

You wouldn’t think it would taste so good being made with mayo but wow, it’s just amazing! Get the Recipes for Eight 20-Minute Meals That Will Help You Survive Chaotic & Busy Weeknights! It only requires 4 ingredients — mayo, parmesan cheese, Italian bread crumbs, and chicken breasts. She shares a mixture of art lessons, homeschool how-tos and allergy-friendly recipes at Hodgepodge.

With so few ingredients, it’s one of those meals you can easily throw together last minute!

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