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This Easy Christmas Cake Recipe is so simple and quick, you’ll wonder why you ever spent all those weeks chopping, soaking and stirring. And while you’re in the baking mood, why not try making your own Christmas Pudding or Christmas Ice-cream Pudding.
Take out of the oven, cover with foil and allow to cool completely in the tin (this will make the cake nice and moist). In Germany we tend to bake lots of christmas cookies which is loads of work and living in the tropics I don’t want to be in the hot kitchen for days.
Hi Jackie – I too had always been turned off by the time and effort needed to make a Christmas cake. It is some years since I last baked a Christmas Cake but I do have the ingredients, to make one this year.
Thanks for the compliment Lisa This cake really is easy and quick to prepare – reckon you can do it in the motor home! Lovely I’m staying put in Perth this Christmas so I might pull my finger out and get a start on a homemade Christmas cake this year to enjoy at home. Covering the Christmas cake with foil, immediately after taking it out of the oven, really helps the cake become nice and moist.
And the good thing is, you know what’s gone into making this one – no nasty preservatives or flavour enhancers! Christmas cake is usually a long process to prepare, this Easy Christmas Cake Recipe looks super simple. I can remember my Mum soaking fruits for weeks and for years this put me off making my own Christmas cake. My first Christmas cake was so successful, I made 4 more and gave them as presents, I also used the same recipe and made muffin size and used them as Christmas pudding with custard. Great to hear your first Christmas cake was such a success – and what a great idea to give some as gifts. So glad you like this Easy Christmas Cake Recipe – and great to see you’re making it outside of Christmas! Yes um it lasts for ages and makes good midnight snacks, better move on to easter buns me thinks though lol. Dec 5 29 Comments Try these easy party food ideas and recipes, including tips for how to lay out a buffet dinner table so everyone doesn’t get piled on top of each other.
There will be a lot of us having buffet dinners and parties before and on Christmas and many of us will be looking for easy party food ideas.
Here is the proper way to lay out your party food for a buffet dinner so that things go quickly and easily for you and your guests.
If you have room, set the table up so that people can walk down both sides of the table and serve themselves. Plates, meats, side dishes, relish dishes, salads, desserts, napkin, silverware and then drinks. If at all possible, put the drinks and desserts at a separate table.This helps reduce the congestion.
If it is going to be an all day get-together, you can wait and put the desserts out a little later with a pot of coffee and some tea to make things easier.
Here is a different and delicious side dish for Christmas that gives you a good variety of veggies for the dinner while keeping the Christmas color scheme.
Take some of your favorite veggies like broccoli, green beans or cauliflower and cook them your favorite way.

But what I usually do is to try to have them as close to the item they go with as much as possible.
Sometimes I will have the butter, salt and pepper at the end because everyone will have their plate full and see where they need it. Just walking it through in your mind and see what you think would work best for the food you are serving. Funny you should say that Denise because in my world I felt the desserts should go first too but then the selfish side of me took over and decided I wanted to have all those leftover desserts to indulge on all week.
Also if you have 3 or 4 salads especially around holidays it is something healthier and tasty for those trying to watch what they eat. I put silver ware at the exit door so if anyone wants to leave the line it is easy to reach the utensils. Many blessings to each of you and your families during the holiday season and all year long! So if you have elderly people or someone who uses a cane maybe delegate and nice youngster to help them with the meal. I just try to remember embarassing moments as we go to a lot of political dinners and I want to make a good impression then something screws it up on me. One funny story now not then was I was sitting next to a very prominent government official.
I have had many high up politicians take a plate from me and carry it through a buffet line then take it and me to my table. I love doing buffets or potluck dinners and this thread gave me many excellent ideas I had not considered before. Another consideration is serving the meat to ensure that everyone gets a portion, not just the first in line. I have always been turned off making a christmas cake because of the time it takes, but this one is perfect.
I haven’t had a Christmas cake n years but can recall the smell and the wonderful taste from my earlier years.
Everyone said that it was the best Christmas cake and pudding they had ever tasted and I believe them because I have already eaten the first one. I didn’t have baileys or cream I had a drop of rum and added it to a bit of milk instead. Adding molasses would work as well, but it would also change the taste – not sure it would go well with Baileys, brandy or rum?? You could store it in the freezer for much longer …just take out 2 or 3 days before you need it and allow to thaw fully in the fridge. It took forever for everyone to get through the line and trying to juggle everything was a tremendous challenge. Regardless of whether they walk down one side or both sides, make sure that at the end of the table it is easy for them to go on to the room where they will be sitting or mingling. This is a no-no because then everyone has to juggle a plate and a glass while trying to serve himself. Guests can then set their plates down after they are filled and go back to get their drinks without having to stand in line again. I usually do this in a small saucepan so I can reduce to low heat to keep it warm while dissolving the candies. Add chopped green and red peppers.Toss it all with Italian dressing and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

For example I would put the turkey, mashed potatoes and dressing close together and the have the gravy next to them because most people pour it over those items.
If people are serving from a buffet and then sitting at tables I try to have butter and salt and pepper on each table and if it is a long table a dish and shaker of each within easy reach for 4-6 people. For example it probably wouldn’t be the handiest to have the chip dip then mashed potatoes, relish dish and then the chips. This would involve them and they might find they enjoy talking with great aunt ethel and want to sit with her while eating. Now I only eat small loose vegetables if there is mashed potatoes to help glue them to the fork.
I just think involving a youngster would be a good idea as they get to know the older generation even if it is just for a few minutes.
This is one of those recipes that you need to use fresh veggies for the crispness and texture of the salad and frozen veggies don’t work for something like that. The cream content of the Baileys also lightens the cake – same with the milk you added.
Try to arrange it so they don’t have to push their way back through the other people who are trying to make their way down the table to serve themselves.
This is why it is better to put the salads and desserts at the end if you are using salad or dessert plates too. You’ll also avoid problems with guests trying to hold two plates or a drink and a plate.
If it was summer and I was having hamburgers and hot dogs I would put them at the end of the table right before the drinks.
I would place the chips together and then the dip right next to it or the dinner rolls with the butter. Have chips and dips together and maybe even the relish dish by it too because some would use the dip for it. I am lucky I have my husband who understands and he carries both plates while I serve us from the buffet. When my sons are around it has been them if Don is busy or not ready for the 2nd trip or the dessert run. As much as I would love to go to different things I just can’t because of my limitations. There is a thing tomorrow I have been planning on going to tomorrow but I am sick enough today that I don’t think I will probably make now.
I am disappointed but then I think of all the things I have been able to do and I am so grateful for that. He laughed and said my mother taught me to share but I don’t think this was what she had in mind. Be sure to ask though because some people just don’t always realize there are needs out there but once told are often good about making things easier if they can.

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