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The beautiful leaves of the kale plant provide an earthy flavor and more nutritional value for fewer calories than almost any other food around. 1 – Pina Colada Green Monster Smoothie Recipe – just in time for the warm weather and not just for happy hour! Steam Your Kale: You can eat steamed kale straight up for a simple side, but I really like this recipe for a unique breakfast recipe. Saute Your Kale: Many recipes recommend braising kale for a long time, but I like it sauteed, which takes less time. Put Kale in Soup: Since kale wilts down so easily, I love to take a bunch, rip it into bite-sized pieces, and toss it into soup. Healthify Comfort Foods: When I was making this beef stew recipe, I decided to throw kale in at the end because…why not? I'm Diana - a clean eating locavore, 9-to-5 career gal, recipe developer, photography enthusiast, fashion lover, Zumba instructor, & corgi fan with a mega sweet tooth.

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And since we’re talking about green monsters, here’s a play on the famous smoothie that I adapted into a muffin recipe! My favorite is massaged with soy sauce, sesame oil, fresh garlic, and fresh ginger for an Asian-inspired taste. Just a couple minutes of prep work adds extra vegetables and nutrition to your favorite soup recipe. I can’t decide if this is me being really into eating my greens or being a lazy healthy eater looking for shortcuts. I love seeing your comments and emails pop-up on my computer, and even if I can't reply to your comment, I want you to know that I appreciate you taking the time to leave me a little note.
You can add kale to your favorite smoothie to give it a pretty green color and boost the nutrition.

Though 2 of the 10 easy kale recipes are for soup, you could use this method to upgrade almost any soup recipe. For all other photos, pictures are used for educational purposes - if you're the owner of a picture and object to it being featured on this blog, please email me at thechiclife at gmail dot com, and I will gladly remove it.
Usually taking only 5-10 minutes to prep and blend, you can enjoy your kale for breakfast or a snack (or a dessert – see next recipe). I should know…I have a new green monster muffin recipe variation just waiting to be blogged.

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