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A lot of people ask me, how do you get started with juicing or where can I find some good healthy juicing recipes to get me started? This juice tastes just like apple juice, and no one is the wiser that there are greens in there! Do you have any favorite healthy juicing recipes that you would recommend to someone just getting started with juicing? I believe that every single person on the planet deserves to live well, eat well, and thrive!

As with many, Fall is my favorite time of the year, and I think pumpkin desserts and recipes play a big role in my love for the season. Just using the blender will result in smoothies, which can sometimes be a lot harder to consume i large quantities.
The first one is an easy one that my kids will drink and is also a good one for starting out with if you are completely new to juicing.
If I had my say, I’d be spreading pumpkin butter, drinking pumpkin lattes, and eating pumpkin bread 12 months out of the year.

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