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I always enjoy a good Mexican recipe and these beef quesadillas made a simple and delicious dinner. I’m not a big fan of quesadillas, BUT these look so delicious I might change my mind!!!! As part of my ground beef freezer cooking I did this week, I made a big pot of my favorite chili recipe. Inspired by a Cuban picadillo, this recipe perfectly balances savory and sweet with warm aromatic spices, sweet raisins and tangy green olives. Users of this site agree to be bound by the Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. I think I’d prefer ground taco beef filling inside my quesadilla over strips of meat, too.

Yours looks much simpler than his but then again, I'd rather make a simpler and less involved chili! Laab, a fast and easy dish, is a traditional Thai meat salad that can be eaten warm or at room temperature. These quesadillas use a burrito-style filling which consists of taco seasoned ground beef, refried beans, and green chilies.
Adding thin noodles is a simple way to turn it into a pasta salad, but the meat mixture is also great on its own. I love browning the ground beef right in the pot, because it makes this a one pot meal (and less dishes to wash).
Plus, more amazing recipes for ground beef including the best meat loaf, Sicilian-style meatballs made with pine nuts and star chef Mario Batali’s prosciutto-and-spinach-stuffed meat loaf.

It’s a one-pot meal which cuts down on dishes and this one freezes great – perfect for making big batches!
With a spatula fold the half of the tortilla without the meat mixture over the half with the meat mixture and press down.

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