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If the ingredients alone aren’t enough to have you running to get your keys to go to the store, consider how easy and healthy this dish is. I wasn’t entirely sure if the excitement of being outside one of my favorite food related stores and just a short distance away from tasting maple syrup and a variety of cheeses was influencing my take on the quinoa. Adapted from Let's Dish via Eliza's EdiblesYou'll notice there are a few different powdered chili varieties here. I am totally obsessed with your shrimp quinoa recipe, which we just made for the second week in a row, substituting in zucchini we’d grilled the night before (which was really, really good by the way!). Would this dish be just as good if I make it the night before I’m planning to serve it? I tore this recipe out of the June issue of Bon Appetit Magazine, and then promptly misplaced it. While to quinoa is cooling, chop the cucumbers, olives, onion, mint, and parsley and place it on the cookie sheet.
Also, I’ve found quinoa to be fluffier ( not clumping) if made the day before and refrigerated until you need it.

This southwestern quinoa salad now stands right at the top of the list along with the spinach feta quinoa that I fell head over heals in love with earlier this year. Our first stop was the King Arthur Flour store, but we were just too hungry to look at all their delicious wares, so we sat down at one of their lovely new outdoor tables to enjoy our lunch. I had to try it again to be sure, so Joseph and I made it again for dinner the other night and I knew for sure it was true love. We really like the blend of regular chili powder, ancho chili powder, smoked paprika, and chipotle powder. I love how the acidity and spice of the dressing complements the sweetness of the corn (I roasted fresh sweet corn I bought at the local green-market). Yesterday, while I was the kids were cleaning out the car, they found it for me under the passenger seat. As much as Joseph and I love eating out, we’re pretty frugal and besides, we had to save our money to stock up on cheese, maple syrup, and our favorite Vermont pepperoni.
It’s perfect for a picnic or cookout, for lunch, or for any quick and delicious meal.

If possible though, cut up and add the avocado just before serving because it will oxidize and look a bit brown on the outside if it’s cut up too far in advance.
Oh, and of course the wonderful nutty and nutritious quinoa with its fun, slightly crunchy bite.
We hadn’t thought ahead and planned on making anything, but when I woke up the morning of our day trip, I figured, hey, that recipe looked pretty simple, I bet we could make it quickly before heading out. Bring quinoa and 2 cups broth or water to a boil, cover, and let simmer for 15 minutes, or until all liquid is absorbed.
Cool to room temp (more or less). Combine black beans, corn, red onion, garlic, jalapeno, cilantro, and cooked quinoa in a large bowl.

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