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I hope you enjoy this simple recipe, and feel free to share if you modify it at all.  I am always looking for new things to try.
I lost my recipe my grandma gave me so thank you, also she added the butter to the pan then put it in the oven to get hot then added the batter.
This easy cheesecake recipe, aka einfacher KA¬§sekuchen, will certainly WOW your family! German Blitz Torte Recipe made Just like Oma May 13, 16 01:25 PMThis German Blitz Torte recipe is such a quick and easy cake to make - great for holidays and birthdays.

German Apple Cake Recipe made Just like Oma May 12, 16 11:27 PMThis German Apple Cake recipe is quick and easy and looks great too. It's something you can quickly put together just before company comes, and then serve, still warm from the oven.
I would either try a non stick pan next time or possibly greasing the pan before adding the batter. Then go to Quick German Recipes Facebook where there are over 64,000 German Foodie Fans who can help!

Click here to learn how to make quark!As well, making quark is actually quite inexpensive, and it's great to have for so many recipes.

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