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By a good fit casserole sauce a la “tzatziki” (yogurt mix with salt, garlic and grated on a fine grater cucumber) or simply garlic sauce (yogurt, salt, a few passed through the “masher” cloves of garlic, you can add a teaspoon of dry garlic ).
After 2 hours, remove, the mixture must be frozen on the sides and in the middle begin to stiffen. On the table decompose plastic wrap on her lap lay slices of ham on top – a layer of mushroom puree, and it is placed in the center of the meat.
On a dry, well-heated frying pan fry choriso circles on both sides, no more than 2 minutes.

Remove the sausages from the pan, and the oil, which was formed in the pan, fry for a minute on each side prepared scallops. If you decide to do the stuffing yourself, for example, from dryish “white” fish, do not forget to add a couple of tablespoons of sour cream. With the roll film shoot, spread it in the middle of the rectangle, and the dough around the grease yolk.
We obtain the roll out of the refrigerator, make it smaller incisions and lubricates their yolk.

Wrap the roll in the dough, and cut off the excess and spread on a baking roll “seam” down.
Bake loaf for 20 minutes and then diminish the temperature to 180 ° C and continue to bake for another 15 minutes.

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