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Maria Sself Chekmarev: DIY Bubble Bars Recipe, How to Make SPA Products CHEAP, EASY & QUICK!
This simple cheesecake recipe is quick and easy to make and has such a light, smooth texture, and a delicious tangy taste. My sister-in-law introduced my husband and I to this no bake lemon cheesecake recipe and it quickly became a favourite! I just made a double batch of these today to send off to my grandpa, my brother and my friend who’s about to have her third baby. I just made these, using as close to a 1T scoop as possible, and the recipe made 42 cookies.
Made these cookies this past weekend for a cookie exchange party at my school event and they were just a hit. I made these tonight and they are one of the most delicious cookies that I have ever eaten. Thanks Morgan, we’re happy you liked these and that they worked out well for you in Australia! If you’ve been following along my soap making adventures this year I have to say that this is my favorite so far!

Step one: Cut soap into cubes and microwave in 30 second intervals (I like to use a large Pyrex measuring cup to melt the soap in). I hope you will consider linking this up to the Pinworthy Projects Party over at my blog, Just Us Four. You make it sound very easy so to challenge my cowardly ways I’m gonna have to try it. I found your blog via The Shabby Creek Cottage Transformation Thursday and I’m loving your homemade spa recipes. I love all your soaps but that one sounds really great … and it’s so pretty and springlike! Add different food coloring to each of the parts and mix until the color is consistent in each part (you can also keep the second part white). I have just met you; I have been gossiping around your recipes and I found this one which really stroke me!
They turned out perfectly, the lemon ones were a great hit at work so hoping these will be too. For some reason my dough seemed to soft to make dough balls so I added powdered sugar to the batter to thicken it and it worked just fine.

My sister makes homemade soap and I’ve always been intrigued, but she does the lye method. Beside the citrus scent what I like is that I didn’t need to add any colorant to the soap. When I was shopping recently I smelled some anise soap and since I love black licorice, it smelled amazing!
The lemon zest gives the soap a great texture and the citrus scent will leave your hands feeling rejuvenated. With only three ingredients required this soap recipe is easy to make and makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.

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