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The red bell peppers, in this easy stuffed peppers recipe with ground turkey, adds just a touch of sweetness often missed when using the more bitter counterpart – green. In this recipe you can use whatever color bell peppers you have a taste for or mix it up and use several different varieties for a more colorful presentation – my own preference is using the red. While green bell peppers have a slightly bitter flavor, the red, yellow and orange bell peppers provide a more mellow yet sweeter flavor and will cost a little more than the green variety.

Using brown rice in making this red bell pepper casserole instead of long grain white rice provides that little extra fiber plus a nuttier flavor and texture and the benefits don’t end there. Did you know that a single cup of brown rice will provide you with up to 88% of your daily requirement for manganese? There’s also been an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published study that whole grains like brown rice work to maintain a healthy body weight.

Did you know that the oil in brown rice lowers cholesterol and substantially lowers the risk for Type 2 Diabetes?

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