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A scrumptious dessert made with fresh sliced apples layered with cake batter with a crunchy topping. This is a great cake to make in a hurry with ingredients you are most likely to have handy, without a special trip to the shop! If you don?t have any apples to stew, try this cake with apricots and a little coconut in place of the cinnamon, or plums, or whatever fruit you have handy, fresh or tinned.
I just made this, followed the recipe exactly, cooked it for 70mins in 20cm square tin, oven temp.

I made this cake yesterday evening because I had a large amount of stewed cooking apples to use up. There's nothing better than sitting down on a Sunday afternoon with a cake and a cuppa. From classic lasagne to more modern macaroni pies, you'll love our assortment of recipes that make bolognese the shining star of each dish.
Mix things up with our favourite Asian recipes guaranteed to revive your regular repertoire.

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