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1 prebaked 9-inch (4-cup volume) deep-dish pie crust1 can (14 oz.) NESTLE® CARNATION® Sweetened Condensed Milk1 cup cold water1 pkg.
Unless noted to the contrary, all trademarks and other intellectual properties on this site are owned by Societe des Produits Nestle S.A. Speaking of crepe, here is the Paleo Banana Nutella Crepe Recipe, probably one of the most delicious and most nutritious desserts you can have.
Because we are all looking for new and unique ways to eat Nutella, here is one that is super easy, the kids will have fun making, and has at least one ingredient you can feel good about: potassium packed bananas.

The smooth, mushy, and slightly sweet goodness of the fruit just goes well with the creamy, sticky, and overpowering sweetness of the hazelnut spread.
Now Easy recipes specially gives you  the easy methods of preparing arabic sweet dessert  Kunafa ( Arabic Sweet Cheese Pastry) and later we will   post UmAli arabic Dessert.
No wonder the combination has leaped into various incarnations like pancakes, cookies, ice creams, smoothies, and crepe. I also share quite a few of my own unique recipes and kitchen hacks, including videos my hubby and I have a lot of fun making together in our kitchen.

Bring to boil, and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes until it forms a syrupy consistency.Remove from heat allow to cool.

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