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Stir some of the hot liquid from the pot into the yogurt mixture, then pour the mixture into the pot and stir to blend. Butter, Onion, coarsely chopped, Garlic clove, minced and 7 more.. Olive oil, Chicken breasts, Onion, finely chopped and 8 more..
Onion, chopped, Crushed garlic, Rendered bacon fat and 10 more..
Olive oil, Zucchini , julienned, Onions, minced and 7 more..
Olive oil, Carrots, chopped, Onion, chopped, Garlic cloves and 10 more.. Olive oil, Butter, Onion (finely sliced ) and 11 more.. Olive oil, Boneless skinless chicken thighs and 9 more..
Chicken parts, such as bones,backs,wings and necks and 6 more..
Cooked chicken (i use my pressure cooker chicken recipe) and 8 more.. Oil, Chopped onion, Minced garlic, Curry powder, Water and 6 more.. Diced chicken breast meat, Chopped onion, Chopped celery and 6 more..
There is nothing better than a simply cooked piece of fish and simply cooked vegetables, throw in a cheat sauce and your lunch is ready in no time at all.There are many ways to cook fish, but if you want the crispy skin then I would go pan fried all the time.

Here is a delicious Old fashioned Mac and Cheese dish that my mom and I have been making for many years!
I show to make crispy ginger beef, a westernized version of a Chinese dish made from beef and ginger.
We've always been big potato fans - See Twice Microwaved Potatoes , Makers Pie and Nom Nom Mashed Potatoes for some previous examples. Today I'd like to share with you how I made an oven baked rice and chicken drumstick casserole!
One day i was watching my mom making something special and delicious and from then onwards i am a dead fan of this recipe.
Bitter gourd or bitter melon is one of popular edible pod vegetable in many Asian countries.
There are few birds quite so beautifully suited to a dark dinner as the Black Silkie, a small chicken with naturally occurring black bones and skin and dark rich meat. My teenage son is always asking for hearty meat dishes, so I've been doing a lot of experimentation over the last couple of years.
I know just about everyone that cooks from scratch, has a homemade chicken soup recipe and I am no different. This incredibly delicious homemade Creamy Mushroom & Sun-dried tomato Spaghetti will be a hit at your dinner table! The Pancetta, Sharp Provolone, Parmesan Cheeses, and farm fresh vegetarian eggs, ended up becoming a surprisingly light and airy soufflé. You will have no need for a side dish to go with a healthy serving of this protein & vitamin rich baked eggplant stuffed with Gruyere cheese, baby portobello mushrooms, red bell peppers, onions & tomatoes cooked in a red wine clam sauce! My girls love teriyaki chicken on rice, and this version utilizes a slow cooker to simplify meal preparation and allow me to get more done in the process.

I've never made a curry so this was the first one I attempted in my electric pressure cooker and it turned out amazing! Interesting enough, we don't reach for bacon near enough to add great flavor and fat to other meals, like lunch or dinner. I've made today's Recipe about four years ago, when i decided to buy and cook some new dish with American type of smoked bacon! Mutton is marinated with spices over night and dum cooked with basmati rice, incorporating the flavors in to rice.
You can make in oven too, but I always make the stove-top version as it is SUPER SOFT, FLUFFY, BUTTERY and always a SUPER-HIT among the tasters !!
Again, this is one of the easy recipes with only a few ingredients but full of amazing flavors!I cannot live without pasta! Cauliflower rice has become increasingly popular substitute to more traditional rices like brown, white or jasmine. This recipe calls for 3 types of coconut product, a coconut cream for marinating, shredded coconut for coating, and coconut oil for frying. It is a mild Thai-style green curry sauce, mainly because only the oldest and I enjoy spicy hot foods.

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