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I went to visit my best fried last week and after the catch up process, we proceeded to the kitchen as she wanted to make her food for the week.
Rustling up something during the week to break away from the regular food for the week we make always proves difficult for some. Growing up, my grandma always made unripe plantain pottage and I wasn’t so sure it was my favourite thing to eat.
When I was a lot younger, this was a dish I slightly dreaded eating because it smelled so much.
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Then came my mum with semi-ripe plantain mixed with unripe plantain in the pottage and it was always fun to find out which plantain was slightly ripe when eating it. I hosted a few friends over after my exam and part of the menu was Yoghurt Chicken and Garlic potatoes. I was also terrified of eating it the night before because the waste produced may have been deadly the next day in school. Sometimes all it takes is a few simple ingredients as I used in mine and voila food is ready.
In those moments, I turn to other options that remind me of rice which includes, quinoa and cous cous.

For a lot of people, you may have given up chicken during the Lent period and possibly even this weekend, you may have just been restricted to Fish. I posted the pictures on Instagram and I have been getting requests from people to post the recipe.

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