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These buttery, flakey scones are studded with chewy currants and topped with a tangy lemon glaze. This tangy and sweet rhubarb chutney with strawberries and ginger is packed with nutrients, while being vegan and incredibly delicious!
These mini pies are made with an all-butter pastry stuffed with Nutella and topped with soft, and chewy chocolate chip cookie! These perfectly sweetened, healthy vegan chocolate chips are made of cocoa powder and coconut oil with natural sweeteners. This orzo pasta salad with broccoli, bell pepper, red onion and chickpeas is a great summer side dish.
Smokey speck and sharp cheddar cheese give this Speck Ham Cheesy Cauliflower dish a wonderfully complex flavor.
This Quick Fix Phony Pho is exactly as it sounds: an impromptu solution for pho cravings that doesn’t involve leaving home. This gluten-free, dairy-free five-minute blackberry sauce recipe contains just four ingredients; fresh blackberries, lemon juice, agave nectar, and water.
Place the sliced apples, clementine peel, cinnamon sticks and pomegranate seeds in the bottom of a gallon-sized pitcher. By dressing up classic Spanish sangria with Spiced Simple Syrup and tart cranberries, Chef Jose Garces of Philadelphia has created an ideal cocktail for a winter holiday celebration. Ingredient note: Tempranillo rose has a fruity profile with a hint of herbaceous complexity. For more thirst-quenching inspiration, check out our Ruby Sangria, Mom’s Sangria, and White Peach Sangria. To assemble the sangria:1Add all of the ingredients to the chilled fruit mixture and stir to combine. Sign up to receive exclusive email announcements about openings, special events and offers from your favorite Garces restaurant. As the summer harvest hits fever pitch, you may find yourself drowning in vegetables and growing tired of salad. We’re talking more than just cucumbers here—did you know you can pickle nearly any vegetable?
If you have a varied bounty and are having a get-together of a few friends, crack open a range of different tastes to enjoy alongside toasted bread and whipped ricotta cheese a la Village Whiskey Philadelphia, and include homestyle snacks like deviled eggs and gussied-up tater tots to complete the spread.
When the summer heat has you thinking of margaritas, tacos and the desert, follow Palm Springs’ El Jefe’s lead and use pickled red onions to brighten up crispy fish tacos. If you’re up for the challenge of a more elaborate Latin meal, consider planning ahead by pickling with habanero and tequila. True to their upscale but laid-back style of food, Tinto Philadelphia tends to use these preserved veggies to punch up the flavor of simple dishes. If you're feeling inspired to create your own batch of pickles, here are three basic steps to the process. Test out the above pickling knowledge with Jose Garces' recipe for pickled baby beets (grab it here)—an option served regularly at Village Whiskey. For chef Jose Garces, throwing a festive soiree is as much about providing a culinary experience as it is about personally entertaining his guests.
Keen on prepping ahead so he can spend time with family and friends during his personal events, Chef Garces utilizes his talented team of chefs de cuisine and event planners who have the ability to wow any size crowd at any in-restaurant or in-home occasion. Speeding into the last leg of summer, we’re lining up ways you too can have a Garces-style party and suggesting you firm up your plans before others jump on the holiday countdown bandwagon.
Lucky world travelers who have become deliciously acquainted with decadent cochinillo asado in Spain will confirm that Jose Garces’ signature suckling pig feast (served up regularly at Amada) is the ultimate party centerpiece.
Nitty-gritties: Amada requests you call their private events team to reserve your space or personal order. Sipping tip: Whether you’re barreling to Old City or Atlantic City for a suckling pig feast, or you are opting to plan a private suckling pig event at home, no Spanish-inspired party will be complete without endless pitchers of sangria.
Garces Group’s two-story Mexico City outpost, Distrito, wows with flash and flair and is a destination naturally enticing for a special occasion.
Sipping tip: Cocktail bars are available for any holiday occasion, with Distrito’s signature margaritas splashing fresh fruit juices most appropriate for this celebration. Moore also revealed that at University City’s Distrito there is an on-site private karaoke lounge that seats up to 15 guests and even has a secret entrance. Further explore Garces Catering and the opportunities for the skillful culinary crew to prepare your event’s perfect feast by eyeing sample menus for delivery and for off-premises catering. For the last two years, 40 acres of farmland in rural Ottsville, Bucks County, has become a leading source of organic produce for Garces Group's Philadelphia and Atlantic City restaurants.

Learn more about Luna Farm and what Garces Group chefs are cooking up with the local produce here.
If the epitome of farm-to-table dining is a chef sourcing all ingredients from his backyard farm, then we're off to a great start. Luna is staffed by a team of part-time farm hands led by farmer Jillian Herschlag, who has a passion for all things green. Along with herbs and tomato varieties, Luna is also growing Japanese eggplant, cucumbers, zucchini and even the odd-looking kohlrabi. At Amada Atlantic City, executive chef Anthony Scuderi and his sous chef Austin Schafer collaborated on a completely different dish using that same Luna Farm Swiss chard.
With a goal to provide as much produce as possible for the local Garces restaurants, Luna Farm is also looking to expand at a healthy rate.
Aside from going to a Garces restaurant to taste organically grown Luna Farm produce, you can pick some up from the Luna Farm cart Wednesdays throughout the summer in the Cira Centre lobby, outside of JG Domestic, and cook up something fresh for yourself. Jose’s future dreams for the farm include hosting farmhouse dinners in his home at Luna, which is currently undergoing a kitchen renovation.
The casserole is finished with a little cheese and fresh scallions—perfect for a weeknight meal or Cinco de Mayo celebration!
It’s tossed in a lemony vinaigrette making it a fresh and light companion for grilled steak, chicken, or seafood. It’s best to start the day before you plan to serve the sangria, by macerating fresh cranberries and diced Granny Smith apples in the simple syrup.
Mix up the recipe with fall fruits like pears and plums, a little holiday spice and you've got a refreshing cocktail to serve guests. Garces Group chefs often find themselves swimming in a bounty of fresh veggies from Chef Garces’ own Luna Farm, and they turn to pickling as a method of preserving the harvest. Take notes from Village Whiskey and present a variety of flavors and textures, like tomatoes with herbs (re-create at home with this recipe), truffled cauliflower and multicolored beets, to really wow your guests.
A homemade taco with battered fish and chunks of avocado is easy to pull together—topping it with homemade pickled red onions makes you Iron Chef-worthy yourself. Distrito Philadelphia uses those two distinct flavors to cure a mixture of carrots, cauliflower and red and green peppers. Take inspiration from Tinto by giving a fresh tuna sandwich a kick from chorizo aioli and pickled guindilla peppers, or try marinated anchovies topped with a chopped salad of pickled vegetables.
Even with 14 restaurants under his belt, and several more to debut through 2014, our chef doesn’t skip a beat when hosting a special function for friends and family. Even better, his talented team will come to you for private events, diligently accepting the kitchen grunt work and party planning so you have a stress-free bash before, during and after the event. Garces Group hosts the opportunity for “dine-abouts” where you devour a progressive feast through two-to-three Garces restaurants, available for small, intimate parties or large groups (100 guests or more). As if wowing your co-workers, family or friends with a Garces Group tasting wasn’t enough, you can book chef Jose Garces himself to be a part of your event—whether he just mingles with guests, signs cookbooks or even hosts a cooking demo. The gastronomic indulgence—one that weighs in as a melting, smoky confection cloaked in crisp, orange skin—is easily comparable to that encountered in the Castilian countryside.
The beauty of working with a Garces’ events specialist is that they take the “work out of the hands of the appointed planner,” shared Moore, and even better, they’re extremely responsive, too. Signature Amada touches include splashing red or white wines with fresh herbs and spices (lemongrass, cinnamon, etc.), fruit, orange liqueur, and Spanish brandy.
Dressed in hot pinks and neon greens, lined with funky accents of glittered wrestling masks, rattan swings and repurposed marquees, we’re certain there is no other Mexican-inspired venue as glitzy as this. Entertainment options are available that can take your fun fiesta and transform it to one spectacular soiree. Each season, the margarita roster—frozen and on the rocks—varies, with combinations like pomegranate and rosemary buzzing around Philadelphia’s drinking scene. Schmooze your workforce and boost company morale by thinking “outside the box” for 2013’s holiday function. By looking at the averages of produce used by each restaurant and then thinking logically about what a farm in Pennsylvania climate can feasibly grow, the year’s crops are decided.
She’s currently watching over fields of herbs, including chives, parsley, thyme and multiple varieties of basil, and plans to add baby greens and microgreens in a brand-new greenhouse.
Regular tomatoes can be purchased wholesale rather cheaply, but specialty varieties are much more expensive.
Stephen Latona, the new executive chef at JG Domestic, has already put these summer crops to good use in a one-of-a-kind veggie burger.
Their dish of pan-seared halibut, sauteed chard, Marcona almond puree and fresh local currants was very well received, and Anthony emphasized, “most of our specials now are centered around Luna Farm’s fruits and vegetables.

Make it ahead to let all the flavors marry together and serve it cold or at room temperature. Perfect as a fruit topping or mix-in, fresh blackberry sauce goes with just about anything you can think of!
Next day, add a bottle of Tempranillo rose, and a half cup each of port wine, Cointreau, and cranberry juice. Similarly, JG Domestic Philadelphia takes a simple approach to mixed-vegetable pickles, serving them up in jars alongside rustic sourdough bread smeared with a whole-grain mustard creme fraiche. The encurtidos make a great side dish for meat-heavy meals, or just an appetizer during happy hour, and the tequila isn’t overwhelming, but one taste and you know you’re dealing with anything but boring brine.
Both dishes will not only make you rethink fish, but will also shed new light on the time-honored tradition of preserving a harvest to bring sunshine in cooler months ahead. It is recommend that you blanch harder veggies (such as beets, cauliflower and carrots) before canning. In pickling, a brine is a solution of salt, water and vinegar that assists in the preservation of the vegetables, and give the pickles that unmistakable tang. After you pour your prepared brine over the vegetables, you will need to seal your jars and cool them to room temperature. Take note, appearances are based on availability and sometimes appearance fees are applicable.
Host a large-format pork dinner for all your friends and family, with endless offal included as well as savory accompaniments like rosemary white beans, roasted fingerling potatoes, and garbanzos con espinaca that’ll be dished out with wild abandon. But, if a restaurant soiree doesn’t strike your party-planning needs, consider booking the Garces team to craft a mod-Mexican bar at your choice of location—one that boasts tacos, enchiladas, nachos, and certainly a chips and salsa station featuring the notorious house guacamole. From captivating additives like salsa or flamenco dancing to mariachi bands, and even a swanky taco cart assembled on site, your guests will escape to the roiling streetscape of Mexico City just with the invitation to your party.
Below, you'll find two easy, Garces recipes that feature in-season produce and bold flavors. Named for the Chef Garces' beloved bulldog Luna, the farm is also a weekend retreat for his family, complete with a rustic house dating back to the early 19th century.
For example, Luna Farm couldn’t possibly grow the avocados needed by guac-loving Distrito, but cilantro and tomatillos are practical choices.
Among her favorite things to grow are greens such as Swiss chard; because of their quick rate of growth (just 3 weeks), they provide near-instant gratification.
Therefore, Luna Farm can, and does, grow cherry and heirloom tomatoes for use in the restaurants. Dave described how he pan fries them quickly, then finishes them off with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.
In today’s Internet age, pickle recipes, tips and tricks are right at your fingertips, but after you have your crop put up on the shelf, how do you best enjoy your pickles, besides straight from the jar? This process partially cooks and shrinks the vegetables, cuts down the processing time, inactivates the enzymes that dictate flavor change, and overall results in a higher-quality finished product. While suggested refrigeration varies per pickling recipes, most require at least 10 to 14 days of refrigeration before enjoying, to allow for flavors to meld. Enthusiasts may hijack the restaurant for one night, celebrating the season at the Old City or Atlantic City Amada locations, with our skillful chefs gracefully placed throughout the party, carving the savory showpiece for all party-goers. The Distrito Taco Truck is also available for booking, bringing the restaurant’s signature street food right to you. But for the last two years, the 40 acres of farmland in rural Ottsville, Bucks County, have become a source of organic produce for the Philadelphia and Atlantic City restaurants. Be sure to shock the vegetables after a brief blanching session, about 4 to 5 minutes, as it stops them from continuing to cook. Or deck out your dining room table and let us set the stage for your lavish holiday feast at home. All you have to do is supply the curb and the whimsical kitchen-on-wheels will do the rest.
It’s been popular so far!” And since burgers need pickles, luckily Stephen was able to make some, bread-and-butter style, with baby cukes from the farm.

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