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The general opinion in this country regarding mushrooms has been, that with one or two exceptions, all forms of fungus growth are either poisonous or unwholesome, but it is very gratifying to observe the change that is rapidly taking place in the public mind. What Kate says may be true, however I don’t recommend that you eat any wild mushrooms without first knowing exactly what they are. I made something like this the other night — minus the mushrooms and with spinach rather than kale. As mushrooms became a more important part of fashionable French cuisine, American cooks (who took their culinary inspiration from France) went crazy for mushrooms. Soon public opinion will acknowledge that it is an established fact that the great majority of the larger funguses, especially of those that grow in fields and other open places, is not only wholesome but highly nutritious.
Better yet, stick to the ones sold at the grocery store, unless you’re friends with a foraging expert (mistakes can happen!).
I make this super simple veganĀ Chickpea, Spinach and Mushroom Saute once or twice a week for my husband. A percentage of any purchase you make via these links will go towards buying ingredients, photography supplies and server space, as well as all the other expenses involved in running a large cooking website.

Cover the pan and allow spinach to cook over medium heat for about 5 minutes, or until wilted.
I serve chili pepper flakes on the side for my family so they can spice it more to taste, if desired.
When I do that, I don’t saute them like the mushrooms, I just mix them in with the chickpeas. Clubs began popping up all over the country dedicated to foraging, identifying and cooking various varieties of fungi. I am having it for dinner again tonight but I added a bit of cubed baked sweet potato and some chili garlic sauce.
Entire cookbooks were devoted to mushrooms, including Kate Sargeant’s One Hundred Mushroom Receipts (1899).
The seared mushrooms, seasoned with garlic and spices, taste almost meaty when combined with the nutty chickpeas and steamed spinach. It’s a homey, comforting sort of dish with no grains and a fairly low glycemic index.

Turn heat to medium and let the mixture continue to cook till excess liquid has evaporated. I just made it tonight for my family and my husband requested this dish once a week and my 6 year old daughter gobbled it up. I added fresh Kale and used pine nuts tonight instead of the sunflower seeds, which I’ll for sure try the next time I make it.
I am from Los Angeles and adore falafel, but moved to a small town in North Carolina 2 years ago and haven’t had a good falafel since.
I can’t wait to try more of your recipes as I love Israeli and Lebanese food more than anything and not much of that here in the South.

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