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Normally this egg yolk is not completely cooked, and it’s a bit sticky texture with good flavor! Joel Robuchon bakery just started Autumn fair which use pumpkin, chestnut, and sweet potatoes..
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If you have left over of this pork, it’s also nice to make fried rice with diced pork and this sauce! We usually eat it on New Year’s Day- If you know something sweet potato paste in Osechi, that is!

I sometimes make sponge cake with Kuri Kinton and whipped cream for dessert if I have leftover! I used chestnut for Kuri-Gohan (rice cooked with chestnut) first, and then I made Shibukawani yesterday.
With a sharp knife, cut a little hardshell and peel off with hand carefully (keep the inner skin on) After peel off, place in a water.
Clean up the black surface of the chestnuts with finger (gently rubbing) and bamboo skewer.
It’s natural look and a fantastic taste, you can also use it for making many kinds of sweets. Put the chestnut in a water and keep in a fridge for 1 day, after they are soaked well then it’s easier to peel the hardshell.

Place plenty of water, baking soda, and chestnut in a pan and cook for 30 minutes with lower heat.
But the Home-made one is less sweet and you have natural flavor from the ingredients, and it’s nice!

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