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This FREE eCookbook has the best healthy low budget recipes that bring you high quality taste. If you're having a hard time finding cheap ideas for dinner tonight that are healthy, then reach for one of these 10 healthy, easy, fast dinner recipes.
Chicken Noodle Soup – This simple recipe is low on ingredients and cost but big on flavor.
TexMex Veggie Macaroni – Using canned goods help keep costs down in this delicious pasta recipe. Baked Vegetable Wedges – Root vegetables are surprisingly cheap, and this recipe is way healthier than french fries.
Roast Tomatoes and Peppers – In less than 20 minutes, this simple affordable dish is ready to go.
Rice with Beans and Corn – This veggie-rich rice dish is both cheap and healthy thanks to canned beans and canned corn.
Sinless Pizza Pasta Casserole – This delicious dinner combines two of the most popular comfort foods into one easy dish. Tuna Po Boy – This filling sandwich is perfect for the thrifty cook, and will satisfy your hunger without loading up on any unwanted calories.
Chicken and Asparagus Lemon Stir Fry – Instead of spending loads of money at a restaurant, make this cheaper and healthier recipe.

Skinny Chicken Fingers - A couple of quick ingredient swaps add a lighter twist to this traditionally fattening meal. Creamy Chicken Pesto Penne Pasta – This comforting dish is perfect to whip up for you and your family on a weeknight. Buy In Bulk – Often, bulk goods are cheaper per weight than more conveniently-packed goods. Make Soup – Soups, broths and stocks are way more affordable when you make them at home, especially when you use leftovers to make them.
Use Your Slow Cooker – When it comes to getting the most out of cheap cuts of meat, the slow cooker is the best. For more healthy meal ideas, be sure to check out the How to Have Healthy Eating Habits: 7 Healthy Meal Ideas Free eCookbook! Subscribe to our newsletter dedicated to providing the very best healthy meal ideas, cooking tips, healthy recipes & special offers. Stock up on non-perishable items, like canned food and rice, where you can realize the per-weight bulk discount down the road.
Put any and every leftover food bit, from chicken bones and onion skins to corn cobs, into a big boiling pot of water. The long cooking process softens the tough cheap cut of meat and makes it tender and juicy.

If a vegetable is out of season, the frozen version will be much cheaper and much tastier than the fresh version.
Here are the top ten healthy easy fast dinner recipes for under three dollars a serving, plus five simple healthy dinner meal tips to help you be thrifty and healthy. A flavorful liquid, a few spices and a cheap cut of meat is all you need to make a healthy cheap dinner recipe with a slow cooker. Soups are a great way to stretch out ingredients, plus soups fill you up with fewer ingredients than other types of dishes. You can also store produce, including nuts and bananas, in the freezer to make sure they don't spoil. Instead of buying herbs and produce all year long, invest in some seeds so you can enjoy fresh herbs at a fraction of the cost.

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