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Note: This recipe can easily be halved and put into a smaller sized slow cooker, if desired.
Get detailed nutrition information, including line-by-line nutrition insights?  Try BigOven Pro for Free for 14 days! Search our collection of delicious recipes and discover the versatility ground beef can bring to your menu.
Beefy Chicken Veggie RollA tasty casserole with all the delicious flavors of ground sirloin, chicken soup and vegetables. Multi-Meat Vegetable ChiliThis Jack-of-all-trades includes ground chuck, sausage, bacon bits, ham and lots of veggies. BierocksA family favorite, these tasty little pockets are made with cabbage, biscuits and cheese. The recipe was labeled as a crockpot recipe, but unfortunately, I forgot to start dinner until it was too late for the crock. If you’ve been overindulging in our range of Zotter chocolates and truffle cheese (and hey, we don’t blame you… they are delicious), our latest addition is exactly the kind of healthy snack to assuage any feelings of food guilt – Take A Bite bars! These convenient little bars come from Russia with love and are the creation of Elena Shifrina, who was named Forbes’ 2013 Start-Up of the Year and Ernst & Young’s 2014 Food Entrepreneur of the Year. We’re stocking all three ranges of Take A Bite bars at Profood: their regular 45g Bite bars (which come in 11 different flavours), their 30g Bite Slim bars that all contain less than 100kcal, and their Bitey fruit-packed bars made especially for children.
As a freelance writer, my schedule can be somewhat erratic with no set meals, whilst my couch potato ways mean I often end up grabbing quick and easy junk food whenever hunger strikes – so I was excited to try a healthier type of snack. I think the Take A Bite bars are great for when you’ve hit a sugar low – it doesn’t feel like you’re eating a rubbishy snack but still satisfies that craving. I’d describe myself as a kitchen adventurer who’s trying to lose fat without compromising on flavour, so I was interested to taste the Take A Bite bars! I LOVE eating all types of bar so I was excited to try the Apple & Cherry Bitey, which Take A Bite have made especially for kids like me. Rachel Read is a freelance writer, editor and blogger with over a decade’s worth of media experience under her belt. Nestled in the rolling Tuscan hills, Petrolo Estate is a strikingly beautiful place, encircled by lush, green forest. While these days Chianti is synonymous with vineyards, the region has actually produced high-quality olive oil for hundreds, and possibly even thousands of years.
Meanwhile, Petrolo’s production methods have, surprisingly, remained much the same as they would have been at the beginning of the 14th century, when the region first became noted for its oil. An all-organic enterprise, Petrolo work in careful synchronicity with the estate’s delicate ecosystem. Petrolo’s honey is produced every bit as thoughtfully as its oil, with a great respect for the protection and conservation of the estate’s thriving bee population. So check out our full range of Petrolo oil and honey, and fill your cupboards with the taste of Chianti’s rich history!
Kate Farr is a co-founding writer and editor at Editors' Ink HK, a blogger at Accidental Tai-Tai and a mum to two little boys. Tong Chong Street Market, the Sunday food market in my neighbourhood, has always been my inspiration for creating a family dinner that showcases the farmers’ fresh seasonal ingredients. This recipe of a warm chicken, potato and radish salad uses simple seasonings and a combination of ingredients that can be easily found in markets and grocery stores; you could also substitute the vegetables for other seasonal ones available at different times of the year.
While the chicken and potatoes are in the oven, cut radishes into halves or quarters depending on their size. Put the butter into the same skillet used for cooking the chicken (no need to clean it in-between!) and cook the radishes on a medium-high heat, stirring occasionally until they are slightly browned.
Put the salad greens into a large mixing bowl, pour in the melted butter from the skillet and toss to combine – this shouldn’t cook the vegetables but will instead make them warm and slightly wilted. A self-professed gourmand who loves both eating out and experimenting with new cooking techniques at home, Gary also writes his own blog Joie de Vivre to keep track of his many eating and travelling adventures (as well as occasional mumblings about random things!). A classic panna cotta is actually one of the easiest desserts to make in any home kitchen, requiring just half an hour of preparation time.
Meanwhile, split your vanilla pod lengthways and scrape all the seeds into the saucepan before adding in the entire pod. When your milk and cream mixture reaches 80°C (measure with a cooking thermometer for accuracy), turn off the heat – never let this boil.
Squeeze the water out of the softened sheets of gelatine then add to the pan, gently stirring until completely dissolved.
Divide the mixture in four ramekins and cool before placing in the refrigerator for a minimum of three hours until completely set. Giving Willy Wonka a run for his money, this family-run business produces every single one of their 365 creations (one for each day of the year!) in-house at their factory in Austria – right from roasting the cocoa beans to grinding the cocoa mass in the conche. Profood stocks chocolates from two Zotter lines: the award-winning Labooko range of pure single-origin bars and the creative Mitzi Blue range of hand-finished chocolate discs featuring exciting flavour combinations.
Rachel: This is much less gritty and more palatable than the high cocoa-percentage chocolates I’ve tried in the past – definitely one for fans of bitter, intense dark chocolates. Dan: Yep, I agree – it would be great for cooking because it tastes so clean and obviously has nothing else extra added. Made from Criollo beans, known as the world’s most aromatic cocoa beans, and topped with prized “Porcelana” translucent white beans.
Gary: It’s got some acidity to it but is still aromatic… I’m actually picking up a cranberry flavour. After trying 2700 chocolates for his book Der Schokoladentester (The Chocolate Tester), George Bernardini declared this Nicaraguan creation to be “the best milk chocolate in the world”.
Dan: Although it’s very fragrant, I like how it doesn’t have that overbearing vanilla flavour many milk chocolates have. Gary: It’s very smooth and balanced, and definitely not as sweet as many supermarket milk chocolates. Rach: It’s beautifully creamy and really melts in the mouth… it would make a great hot chocolate actually, as it has that velvety smooth quality but without stinting on that strong cocoa taste.
Perfect for those who don’t like strong cocoa content, this white chocolate also features the aromatic South American tonka bean. Rach: I’m not normally a fan of white chocolate but this is actually quite pleasant – it’s not too sweet and has more of an aromatic quality to it. Gary: It has a good vanilla flavour – it pairs really nicely with tea [we were drinking Darjeeling at the time!]. Dark chocolate spiked with coffee and guarana fruit, covered in caramelised and salted peanuts. Gary: I can really taste the intensity of the coffee beans here, but the texture is still very smooth.
Dan: It strangely reminds me of aged soy sauce with that kind of malt flavour to it, and the roasted peanuts complement the coffee well.
This pan-fried salmon with brown rice and quinoa is a lovely light yet filling dish that’s packed with wholesome healthy goodness but still keeps your belly full while you strive to hit those New Year’s resolutions in the gym! A true blue Hong Kong girl, born and raised here to British and Chinese parents, Sharon Maloney works as an English teacher in a local school. If you love parmesan (who doesn’t) and enjoy fresh baked cookies and biscuits (and who wouldn’t), then a parmesan sable topped with a refreshing lemon and chive cream is a treat that is hard to beat! This is a relatively simple recipe, all it requires is measuring the ingredients correctly. Dice the butter and add to a large bowl, incorporate the parmesan by hand 50g at a time, squeezing the mixture through the fingers, until it is a unified mix.
Add the flour in 50g at a time, chopping it in with a pastry cutter or a wooden spatula, until all of the flour has been incorporated, fold and remaining flour on the edges into the dough. In the small bowl, beat the egg yolks and add to the dough, folding the dough over the yolks to start and squeezing it through with your hands to fully incorporate. Place the wrapped portions into the fridge on a flat surface to rest for at least 1 hour, the longer the better. Place a baking sheet on a baking tray, unwrap the pieces of dough, and place them on the tray, a couple of fingers width apart from each other. In the small bowl, beat an egg, and carefully eggwash the pieces, taking care to not let any drip down the edge.
Sprinkled onto salad leaves, as a dip for warm crusty bread or as a glaze to liven up roasted vegetables, balsamic vinegar, with its tangy-yet-sweet flavour, has become a kitchen staple in homes across the world. As with its close cousin wine, balsamic vinegar is made from grapes – Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes, to be precise. After harvesting, the grapes are cooked down into a “must” (a highly concentrated reduction) before slowly fermenting over a minimum of 12 years in wooden barrels – typically chestnut, cherry, ash, mulberry or juniper – in order to achieve the final product’s trademark flavour and viscosity.
Traditional balsamic vinegar contains nothing more than the all-natural ingredients of grape must and vinegar – with no extra colouring, sugar, caramel or thickener added. For Traditional Balsamic Vinegar to be considered truly authentic, it must hail from one of just two Italian consortia – Modena or Reggio-Emilia.
Meanwhile, “Balsamic Condiment” is a similar product, but which may not have been aged for the same duration or been produced outside of the two designated consortia. We’ve already drawn comparisons between balsamic vinegar and wine, but there are also some strong similarities between this earthy condiment and a fine whisky. It’s fair to say that there’s a lot to remember when it comes to buying quality balsamic vinegar! With the cooler weather finally hitting Hong Kong, I’m craving carb-laden comfort food – and what gets more comforting than a hearty bowl of creamy, cheesy pasta? Dried pasta is always a good kitchen staple; again, you only need half a packet of Verrigni’s Linguine pasta for this dish. Fill a large pan one quarter full with water and bring to boil; parboil the cauliflower for a few minutes until soft. Fill the pan again with water and some salt, this time three-quarters full, and bring to the boil.

Meanwhile, heat up some olive oil or butter in a small pan and cook the prawns until pink and curled up (usually around 3-4 minutes).
Add the cooked shrimp, pasta and cauliflower to the sauce; mix until all the pasta is fully coated with sauce. Serve and enjoy! Using butchery skills passed down over four generations of the Fracassi family, Simone runs Macelleria Fracassi from Casentino, deep within the picturesque Apennine Mountains of Tuscany. Simone Fracassi’s philosophy is simple: waste nothing, source locally and prioritise quality above all else. All of Macelleria Fracassi’s meat and vegetables are sourced locally, ensuring that Simone has a good working relationship with his suppliers and can personally evaluate the quality of his ingredients.
This eye for quality extends to only using free-range Chianina cattle to produce his sauces and meat products. This covetable combination is most commonly known for its use as Florentine steaks, a melt-in-the mouth cut that is both full of flavour and extremely tender.
Nowhere does this innovation become more apparent than in Macelleria Fracassi’s Nero di Chianina – a beef pate that’s absolutely perfect for making bite-sized crostini. For more recipe inspiration, take a look at our warming winter recipe using Fracassi’s Spezzatino di Chianina sauce, created by Hong Kong food blogger, Sharon Maloney. There are plenty of things to look forward to in winter – cooler temperatures, cosy jumpers, Christmas presents galore – but for foodies, the most exciting of them all is the arrival of truffle season! A delicious example of why we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, this dense fungus doesn’t exactly look like it will be particularly tasty… but just the heady aroma of this wonderful ingredient is enough to get us salivating! White truffles are only in season for a short amount of time – usually between October to December – but their availability and quality is totally dictated by the year’s weather. Truffles do not keep well either; they lose weight and perfume quickly so should be bought fresh and consumed within a few days to enjoy them at their best.
When people think of white truffles, it’s usually the region of Alba in northern Italy that comes to mind – but it’s certainly not the only place to source amazing white truffles. San Miniato’s truffles are renowned for their quality – not only because of the fertility of the woods themselves, but also the strict controls imposed by the village dictating that the truffles are gathered selectively and in moderation.
Here are a few of Profood’s favourite recipes to make at home with white truffles – we’ve left the quantities up to you depending on how many people you’re feeding… or how hungry you are.
This classic dish is simple but doesn’t stint on flavour either – rich, creamy and indulgent pasta perfection! Meanwhile, bring salted water to the boil, then cook the tagliolini until it’s a perfect al dente texture. Season with salt and pepper, and finish with some grated Parmesan and more fresh grated truffles on top. This hearty comfort dish is an easy, relatively healthy dish to make (say hello to one of your five-a-day!) and would make a great quick meal for lunch or a light dinner. Plate up by placing the egg on top of your spinach mixture, then finish by shaving some fresh white truffle over the top. This comfort food with a twist is probably the easiest recipe of the lot… perfect for lazy days with a touch of extra indulgence! Alternatively, fry an egg sunny-side up to serve with your cheese toast and grate a generous amount of fresh white truffle over both. This crowd-pleasing dish combines the flavours of sweet bell peppers, rich chianina beef stew and creamy polenta in a hearty winter warmer of a meal. To accompany the richness of the sauce, I find that polenta brings a lovely texture to a dish, and this Cascina Belvedere variety is as close to instant as you can get, being ready in just two minutes.
Prep the vegetables by dicing them, then thoroughly rinse the salt off the eggplant and gently squeeze out the water.
Meanwhile bring the four cups of liquid to a simmer, before gently whisking in the dried polenta. Most of us never stop to think about our favourite fruity tipple… beyond ensuring that we have our preferred flavour in the fridge!
Aim to choose a brand that grows its own fruit for juicing – ideally in a country where air pollution and water quality standards are high.
The vast majority of supermarket juice is made using fruit concentrate, rather than 100% pure juice… Yes, even those expensive cartons from the chilled cabinet!
Often oxidised and chemically coloured to retain a “natural” appearance, these super-sweet concentrates are diluted with water, sweetened with refined white sugar and dosed with shelf-life-enhancing preservatives on their journey to becoming a bottle of juice in our fridge door. With autumn well on its way, my thoughts have turned to some of the more homely of my favourite recipes – including the ultimate comfort food, roast pork. Mekhala’s range of easy-to-use sauces and dressings make for great store cupboard staples that bring the exotic flavours of Thailand into your cooking with the minimum of effort. Mix the marinade ingredients together and rub onto the underside of the pork belly (the meat side).
It’s a fantastic time to be obsessed with chocolate, as we are currently experiencing a chocolate revolution, with combinations being divined to satiate our wildest imaginations: Flavors such as nougat with almonds, oranges and cardamom, caramel with chili and ginger, and champagne with roasted walnuts are enough to make a grown adult giddy with excitement (I know I’m blushing). With that said, there is no reason why any chocolate-obsessed person should settle for convenience-store candy bars that contain horrific ingredients such as hydrogenated kern oil. The following are five steps detailing how to cultivate your taste for the finest chocolate the world has to offer. I added a little chopped onion that I cooked with the meat; a little salt and black pepper while the soup was simmering.
With options for every meal and lifestyle, our ever-growing recipe box is filled with tasty ideas you can serve with pride. While it's cooking, combine the other ingredients in your crockpot or pot for the stove, whichever you're using.
If you're using the stovetop, I would recommend bringing it to a low boil and then simmering for at least an hour.
If you’ve ever picked up a supposedly “healthy” snack and been bamboozled by an incomprehensible ingredients list full of chemicals and E-numbers, this is the brand for you; all of Take A Bite’s 100% natural products are made from only fruits, nuts, berries, seeds and spices… and absolutely nothing else. I’m a total chocoholic so was immediately drawn to the Chocolate & Nutmeg flavour; my brain automatically associates “healthy” with “tasteless”, so I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious it was! My favourite of the ones I tried was the Spearmint & Almond; it reminded me of a less intense After Eight… and I love After Eights!
I tried the Peanut & Banana and thought it was a nice, compact snack that would be easy to bring to the gym for a low-fat post-workout carb hit that’s made of all-natural ingredients.
I took it on a hike with Mummy to eat when I got tired and hungry – it was yummy and one of my favourite bars ever!
In addition to co-founding writing & editing agency Editors’ Ink and writing her own lifestyle and beauty blog Through The Looking Glass, Rachel is a food lover whose job frequently involves checking out the latest restaurant openings in Hong Kong – yum!
A rustic 18th century tower perched atop Roman foundations gives the land its centrepiece, while beehives dot the surrounding gardens. Luca explains, “From the plants, from the forest, from the bees, from the animals we have – everything gives something special to Petrolo”. With a husband who's an enthusiastic amateur cook and two young sons with big appetites to feed, mealtimes play a central role in Kate's home life. When you have access to the best produce – ingredients that are grown organically by local farmers and harvested right before being sold – you don’t really need to do much in the kitchen to turn them into a healthy, nutritious and delicious meal. The whole dish can be made within an hour and doesn’t require a lot of kitchen utensils, hence reducing that dreaded washing up afterwards! Put the chicken thighs into a Ziploc bag and pour the marinade mixture into the bag, then shake the bag until the chicken is entirely covered with the mixture. Add potatoes and boil for 10-15 minutes, making sure there’s enough water to cover the potatoes entirely. In a skillet or frying pan, heat a spoonful of vegetable oil and cook the pieces of chicken for 8-10 minutes on a medium-high heat – cook skin-side down first, then flip to the other side once the skin has turned golden and crisp (after around 4 minutes). Put the potato chunks and chicken thighs into a baking dish; put the dish into the oven until the chicken is cooked through (which should take around 15 minutes or until your meat thermometer registers 75C in the thickest part of the meat). Add salt, pepper and a splash of Popol blackcurrant vinegar into the mixing bowl, then toss again to combine.
Put the warm salad greens into a deep dish, followed by the potatoes and radishes, then top with the chicken pieces (and radish sprouts or herbs as garnish if you choose).
When he's not too busy eating, drinking, cooking and sleeping, he enjoys travelling, collecting kitchen gadgets, watching football and playing golf. Schultz once wrote, “All you need is love… but a little chocolate every now and then doesn’t hurt,” and that’s one philosophy Profood definitely ascribes to!
We’re obviously far too biased to pick a favourite, so we rounded up some of Hong Kong’s top foodies – Daniel Cheung (a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and Little Adventures food tour guide), Gary Suen (enthusiastic home cook and food blogger at Joie de Vivre) and Rachel Read (freelance food writer and creator of lifestyle blog Through The Looking Glass) to weigh in for a blind taste test!
I think it would work well for cooking – maybe used in a sauce to compliment venison or pork?
The orange is much more fragrant than the usual orange flavour you’d find in chocolate; it’s much more floral and bright, like orange blossom. She is passionate about language and currently studying for a Masters in TESOL at the University of Nottingham.
For this recipe you'd want a parmesan like Montanari & Gruzza Parmigiano Reggiano di Vacche Rosse which is very well suited for grating. With a little elbow grease, you will have a large batch of cheesy delights to amaze the people you deem worthy of sharing your food.
Grab the edge of the piece of film that is underneath the overlap, and pull across the dough, and tuck it underneath the dough.
Another useful hint as to authenticity is colour, which should be a deep reddish-brown, never black. Nevertheless, many of these products are still excellent choices in their own right – for example, our White Balsamic Condiment – giving all the flavour of a quality vinegar without the colour.
Known as “travasi”, the grape must is transferred to wooden barrels to age; however, unlike the famous Scottish tipple, the vinegar is subject to a dynamic aging process, periodically being decanted into progressively smaller barrels as the maturation process advances.

Due to the continual decanting and refilling of the vinegar barrels, producers can never accurately assign an age to their vinegars; therefore the number on the label should denote the number of travasi the product has undertaken before bottling. This is why we chose to simplify the process for our customers by working solely with Acetaia Leonardi. I’ve added prawns for some extra protein, but the dish could easily be made vegetarian by substituting in some baby broad beans, red peppers and peas instead. Cook the pasta as per its cooking instructions (about 8-9 minutes for the perfect al dente texture) and then drain, remembering to save half a cup of the pasta cooking water for the sauce. This unassuming location belies its celebrated brand; Macelleria Fracassi was listed in the 2015 Gambero Rosso (Italy’s top-rated food and wine guide) as one of the country’s most outstanding producers of meat. The former is taken care of by the butcher’s nose-to-tail ethos when it comes to cooking – no part of the animal goes to waste, and traditional recipes can be adapted and updated to include new ingredients, optimising flavour while creating innovative new dishes. Originally bred as a working animal, the Chianina – the largest and heaviest of cattle breeds – produces uniquely lean and tender beef that is also naturally low in cholesterol and easily digested. Fracassi recommends using stale, unsalted bread, toasted then dipped in broth before topping with the Nero di Chianina for the perfect crowd-pleasing canape. Not enough rain and the truffles will be too dry; too wet and the truffles will lack their distinctive aroma. Profood imports white truffles to Hong Kong directly from a truffle hunter in the medieval village of San Miniato in Tuscany, an area that has a long history of truffle hunting with family secrets passed down through the generations.
Every year, San Miniato holds a special white truffle festival to celebrate the area’s fantastic produce (which also includes cheese, wine, olive oil and cold-cuts), as well as award prizes for the biggest truffle discovery and oldest truffle hunter! Drain and toss together with the truffle butter, remembering to add a little of the pasta water to prevent the tagliatelle from sticking together.
Using Macelleria Fracassi’s Spezzatino di Chianina (Beef Stew) as a full-flavoured base, I added eggplant for extra depth and substance – not only does this give a great flavour to the sauce, but it also means that you only need to use half a jar per serving of four. But whether it’s a chilled glass over breakfast, a grab-and-go bottle after a workout or a sweet dinnertime treat, there’s far more to fruit juice than you might first imagine. Families that typically eat clean may choose to buy organic to reduce the pesticide content of their juice – but what about the food miles and transportation of the fruit from which it’s made? Producers that cut out middle men and control their own supply chain will typically be far more invested in the product’s quality than mass-producers, whose main focus is fast, cheap turnaround. This has many benefits including retaining more of the fruit’s vitamin load and also helping to keep us feeling full, meaning we actually drink less juice and therefore ingest less of the natural fructose sugar contained within it. With no added colouring, preservatives, water or sugars, and containing nothing more than real fruit pulp and juice, these little bottles of goodness retain far more of the fruit’s authentic flavour and are deliciously satisfying to drink.
Leave this to sit in a tray on the bottom shelf of your fridge for a few hours, preferably overnight.
If it is, remove the skin from the meat and return this to the oven to finish – turn the oven back to 220°C and roast for another 15-20 minutes until the crackling is crunchy and crisp. Any leftovers would also work well served with fried rice or sliced over a bowl of hot ramen! If you find yourself fantasizing throughout the day about where you’re going to get your next chocolate fix, then consider yourself a bona fide cacaophile. To appreciate the variations, you must be audacious and earnest to try new flavors befitting to your current mood.
Journaling is one of the best ways of recording your experiences as you discover new brands. Good ingredients are not cheap, so if you encounter a chocolate bar that costs the same as a pack of gum, be suspicious. Chocolate made primarily from cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, lecithin, and natural vanilla will yield the most promising taste.
We strongly encourage you to upgrade to the latest version or use a different browser like Firefox or Chrome, as BigOven will function much better for you, and we may drop support for this browser version soon!
My kids aren't very picky, but there are so many of them, it's sometimes difficult to find something that they all like and ask me to make again. That’s zero preservatives, zero added sugar, and zero artificial colourings or flavourings – pretty much the definition of clean eating but with added convenience!
It had a lovely natural chocolate taste that wasn’t too sweet, I loved the combination of chocolate and peanuts and it was refreshing to see a clean ingredient list full of actual foods rather than weird chemicals and additives (it even counts as one of your five-a-day!). Unlike the other health snacks I’ve tried, Take A Bite’s texture is somewhere between a fruit leather and a nut bar; it’s different but it works and I definitely preferred it to granola bars, which tend to be too dry and make you thirsty. The texture is pretty chewy due to the amount of dates used (this was the main flavour too and I do wish the peanuts and banana had shone through a bit more, as I love that combination!), but the inclusion of chia seeds gave it a much-needed crunch. Mummy says it’s good because it’s not too sweet, small enough to fit in her handbag and is good for me because it has lots of fruit inside (she had some too but it was so yummy I didn’t want to share). Small wonder, then, that this captivating corner of Chianti enchanted renowned artist Luca Sanjust enough to put aside his brushes and return home to run this winery, olive oil and honey-producing estate. You crush the olive – we crush in the traditional, or "cold" way – and then after the crushing, you separate the oil from the water.” The simplicity of this process – using only the Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio trees native to this region of Tuscany – along with the estate’s own unique microclimate, provides the perfect conditions in which to produce the quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oil that Petrolo are famed for. Living in approximately 60 beehives all over the estate, Petrolo’s bees produce just three varieties of honey; Millefiori (or “Thousand-Flower”) Honey, is, as the name suggests, created from a blend of all the plants that bees visit, whereas the delicately amber-toned Acacia Honey comes purely from bees who feed on the estate’s many acacia trees. The Popol Blackcurrant Vinegar gives the dish a unique flavour that perfectly balances sweetness and acidity, which I think works especially well for poultry dishes. We won’t settle for any old chocolate though; as with all the rest of our products, only the very best is good enough for our virtual shelves – which is how we ended up choosing independent fair-trade chocolatiers Zotter. In her free time, Sharon can be found creating recipes for her blog, and writing about food and travel for various HK publications.
Born and raised in Hong Kong, he was already an avid amateur cook, imitating recipes from tv and online for his family at any given opportunity.
Over time, the vinegar retains slight hints of the wood used in the barrels, adding a wonderful depth of flavour.
An exception is the term “extra-vecchio”, which indicates a product that has been aged for a minimum of 25 years, regardless of travasi.
Unlike many competitors who choose to buy cooked grape must ready-made from external suppliers, all of Leonardi’s “closed-farm” production steps take place on their own property – all the way from grape to bottle. Keep stirring well until the polenta has a creamy, scrambled egg-like texture, then remove from the heat. Wherever possible, we should avoid centrifuged juices (these are typically clear) and opt instead for blended whole-fruit juice. Roast skin-side up on a rack on top of a roasting tin (with a cup of water inside the tin) for 30 minutes, then turn down the oven to 150°C and roast for a further 1 hour and 15 minutes. Honestly, the thought of depriving oneself of such a heavenly treat is blasphemous, in my opinion, especially when there are chocolatiers around the globe fusing craftsmanship with artistry, like Zotter of Styria, Austria, which Profood is introducing in its online store this month. When writing, do your best to clear your mind and really focus on the task at hand: Which emotions are being triggered? As a rule of thumb, the more chemical ingredients there are, the lower in quality the chocolate will be. There are two main types of cacao (Forastero and Trinitario), and they are grown in Africa, the Caribbean, South America, or the South Pacific. Through Pinterest, I found the original recipe on Stacy Makes Cents, and I adapted it just a little bit to fit our family size.
Although it looks a bit like the food astronauts take to space (a solid dark bar where you can’t really see the ingredients individually), I liked the chewy texture and the nuts gave it some crunch too. Their compact size and slick packaging makes them light, easy to carry and convenient (I actually took one on a hike with me); I’d eat them again as an alternative to biscuits and the other unhealthy stuff I normally snack on in the middle of the afternoon… to make me feel better about myself! Clean eaters tend to have to rely on homemade snack bars, so these are definitely a good commercially available option for extra ease and convenience.
While all of the brand’s honey is produced in very limited quantities, the earthy chestnut variety is further restricted by season, making it one to stock up on when you get the chance!
Once they’re cool enough to handle, cut the potatoes into bite-sized chunks, mix with a splash of olive oil and salt, and set aside. If using a saucepan, follow the same amounts and cook the rice mixture on a low heat with a tight-fitting lid for around 20-25 minutes, until the water has evaporated and the rice is a nice fluffy texture. Having rediscovered his passion for cooking, he enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu London and graduated with a new desire to work with food.
While the company has grown over the years (they now work with a huge 15,000 barrels!), their processes remain timeless, with an unswerving focus on producing superior quality vinegar.
If chocolate is what you love, then I propose that it’s time to take your pleasure seriously. With time, patience, and dedication, you will be able to hone your taste to recognize the highest standard of chocolate and learn what brings you the most joy. For example, a Forastero cacao bean grown in Cote d’Ivoire, Africa will carry notes of tobacco, whereas a Forastero cacao bean harvested from Brazil in South America will have strong hints of vanilla.  The Zotter chocolate bars are famous for its “bean-to-bar” philosophy, which promises that all chocolate production takes place in-house, thereby assuring its premium quality.
I think it took me about 10 minutes in prep time, and part of that time I was holding the baby, so I was operating one-handed. The fairly traded organic cacao beans are purchased directly, roasted, ground, milled, and conched in the Zotter facilities.
Overall, I could definitely see myself reaching for Take A Bite again when I want a healthy and convenient snack… especially the chocolate one!
The difference lies in the preparation of your juice and how much of the fruit actually ends up the final product.

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