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I love it when people treat their kitchen accessories as not only functional, but also decorative pieces. It is a classic square covered butter dish that is made of porcelain and has got a white color. Pottery Butter Dish in Country Blue - SunFlower - Covered Butter Dish - Rustic Pottery - Fall Flower - by DirtKicker Pottery.
4-6 raw chicken breasts, new potatoes, green beans (fresh or canned-really any green veggie would work. Just made this, Easy and Amazing - ABS - Apple Crisp in the Deep Covered Baker Made tonight-so good!!
4 Tilapia fillets 3 Tablespoons butter, divided into 4 pieces Old Bay Seasoning, to taste ( I sprinkle this liberally on both sides of the fillets) ? teaspoon garlic salt 1 lemon, cut into 4 slices Instructions Preheat oven to 375 degrees. These Peanut Noodles are covered in a flavorful peanut sauce for a unique dish that will have your family begging for more.
Bill is something of a puttanesca expert, so when I started making it, naturally there were comparisons. After cooking this dinner, I was thinking about the debate of straining the tomatoes, and I think, if you have the time, you should not drain them, as you lose a lot of flavor by draining the liquid. I based my version of puttanesca on one from Mark Bittman, but with regard to the amount of each ingredient, it all depends on what you like. Add chopped olives - oil cured are best- capers, and oregano (or italian seasoning mix) cook for a few minutes more.
The beauty of this dish, aside from the great flavor, is that all the ingredients can be stored in the cupboard forever. If anyone has other suggestions for how to keep pasta warm without it sticking together, please leave a comment.
In this episode we talk about Colorado Potatoe Beetles, and the spray mentioned is called Novodor and is available from Fedco. The best place to get more info on rhubarb is The Rhubarb Compendium, a website run by a guy named Dan. Until the heat of summer knocks them down, loose leaf lettuce is one of those low maintenance pleasures of gardening. Eliot Coleman, in his book, the Four Season Harvest, writes at length on how to prolong your lettuce growing season. Wikipedia has some good info on dandelion, though I don't agree you have to always cook it down before eating.
You can grow it in your garden, it will last longer into the summer than most any other green.
The boss gave me a new cookbook: Happy Days with the Naked Chef, by Jamie Oliver, and I found a recipe for Pork Filets over Rhubarb. We're going to have to improve the lighting in the kitchen up at the house, as once again the video is pretty dark.
Nothing like coming up to the house to find large portions of your tomato plants stripped of their leaves.
The Tomato Hornworm is the caterpillar of the Five Spotted Hawk Moth, a relatively non-descript moth, but in its caterpillar stage wreaks havoc on tomatoes. In the video I talk about the eggs of the parastic wasp, then I realized later the white protrusions from the caterpillar are the cocoons of the braconid wasp, not its eggs, which is even better, as soon they will hatch and parasitize more Hornworms. I have heard about cardboard collars one can put around a young tomato plant to prevent the Hornworms from crawling up the stem.
We are improving on the lighting in the kitchen, so you can at least see my face in most of this episode. Being a strong proponent of the KISS [keep it simple stupid] theory of life, this soup is a charter member. The version we do here is dressed up a bit with cheese rinds and oregano, but again, it doesn't need this to taste great on a fall evening. The vent I use on one end of the cold frame is available from Charlie's Greenhouse, I've also seen them in the big home improvement stores, they are used to vent crawlspaces.
Sheperd Ogden has a good book: Four-Season Harvest, that goes into great detail about growing thru the winter, he should know, he lives in Vermont. I read Jo's recipe for Chicken Vesuvio and decided to try it, as it used a dutch oven, my favorite kitchen pot. A few weeks ago Eric over at gardenfork.tv dropped me an email and told me that he was going to create a video of him making my Chicken Vesuvio recipe, it would appear that he has made good on his threat promise. Eric films his world and puts it out there for everyone to see, recipes, garden issues, a little of everything.
3rd: I would have deglazed with white wine and mounted with the butter off the heat, but hey, that's just me. Last week we visited with Patty Hulse at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, who showed us the cold frames they built and use throughout the winter. A few quick tips: wear ear and eye protection, steel toed boots, work gloves, and if possible, a hard hat. Heat the milk with the grated ginger in a saucepan to about 160F, to steep the ginger flavor into the milk. Inspired by a recipe in Hong Thaimee’s True Thai cookbook, this aromatic corn chowder is a stir fry turned soup.
Gochujang is a fire engine red chili paste that is a foundation ingredient in much of Korean cooking. I really, really, really like dill, but unfortunately many of the people I’m likely to cook for really, really, really dislike dill. Tofuture, a small UK business run by tofu devotees Susanna and Adam, recently sent me a sample of their tofu maker and press to try out. When I landed in Japan I knew I had no concrete plans save my initial nights booked at a hostel in Kyoto. The post Vegan in Hiroshima, Osaka, and Takayama + Vegan Okonomiyaki Recipe appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. Recent experiments with aquafaba have left me with a glut of chickpeas and my partner has indicated a preference for not cleaning up small round foods I launch spitball style across the room for the cats to chase. The post Easy chickpea stew with garlicky tahini and vegan yoghurt appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. Found on each table at every noodle-hawking stall in Thailand is a caddy of condiments, seasonings to add flavour balance based on a diner’s personal tastes.

The post Nam Som Prik Dong: Thai Chillies Pickled in Vinegar (?????????????) appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. I recently stumbled across Madame Huang’s Kitchen, a blog written by Carolyn Phillips, a Chinese translator and food writer with a passion for Chinese cuisine.
The post Pomegranate Yuba (Fuzhu) with Caramelised Onions appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
The post Vegan in Kyoto + recipe for fried tofu and nori parcels appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. The post Vegan in Tokyo + Vegan Japanese Curry Recipe appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. In order to make Chinese style fermented tofu, firm bean curd is cut into cubes, inoculated with a mould, left to ferment, and then covered in brine. There are a few types of cookie that look pretty enough to dupe people into thinking they are difficult to make. I’ve been away for a few months and am slowly replacing the freezer burned leftovers my partner failed to spot with new easy meals my partner will fail to spot. The post Restaurant Review: The Gate Vegetarian Restaurant, Hammersmith appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
After years of visiting Thailand, writing about its food and the annual vegetarian festival, I decided it was time to try to learn some of the language. The post Seven Thai vegan foods to try in bpra theet thai (Thailand) appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
Over the summer I had the great pleasure to attend a shojin ryori inspired Japanese supper club hosted by London based Pureism (very much worth checking out if you are interested in Japanese temple cuisine).
The post When Rice Ferments: Mikawa Mirin Production in Japan appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
The post Crispy Marmite Battered Chickpea Fritters appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. Despite a common belief by many Westerners that vegetarianism is impossible to communicate in Thailand, and that fish sauce goes in everything, the Thai language has a word to indicate veganism that is universally understood.
The post Vegan Black Eyed Pea Stew with Faux Feta and Gari appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. I received a bag of hemp seeds a sample once and it was one of those ingredients that I kept intending to use but every time I looked at it I though “yeaaaaaah, no” and deep fried something instead. The post Easy Home Made Pecan Hemp Matcha Milk Shake appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
The post Vegan in Clerkenwell: Grain Store Unleashed appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
In my home I am mostly in charge of all food related activities, with a couple of exceptions. The post Warm Sweet and New Potato Salad with Smoked Paprika appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
I chose to adopt a vegetarian diet at the age of 12, but there was one ingredient I would not touch: tofu. The post Spicy Chargrilled Vegan Israeli Couscous Salad appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. Following my write up on vegan food in Taipei, I want to cover some of the options outside of the city centre. Springtime is one of my favourite seasons in the UK, and that’s mostly down to that brief window of time when asparagus is harvested locally.
The post Chargrilled Asparagus with Lemon & Sea Salt appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
I landed in Taipei convinced I would spend a few days there before moving on to visit other cities on the island, but instead spent a full two weeks planted firmly in one place. A popular dish served in various ways throughout the country, this is a simplified version of a sticky noodle dish I enjoyed at Shan restaurants throughout Myanmar. Aside from their lack of mushy peas, one of my favourite comfort meals in London is the vegan fish and chips at the Coach and Horses pub in Soho. The post Beer Battered Vegan Fish Sandwiches with Homemade Tartar Sauce appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
A few times a year I take a holiday weekend in sunny The North, where I mostly drink wine and sit under a blanket at my friend Liz’s house while she cooks for me and I avoid being gutted by her laser eyes cat. If you love Ethiopian food as much as I do, or even if you’ve never had it before, you need this cookbook.
The post SugarSin Covent Garden vegan candy options appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
The post The Moveable Feast Vegetarian Pop Up at London Bridge appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
Veg Bar vegbar.co.uk 45 Tulse Hill Brixton London, SW2 2TJ England Hey, go check this place out!
I recently joined the ambassador program for Froothie UK and the company kindly sent me an Optimum 9200 blender to review and play around with. The post Optimum 9200A Blender Review + Oreo Cookie Butter Recipe appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. Previously I’ve made garlic lime mayonnaise (which is ace on banh mi), but the combination of vegan mayonnaise flavours seems endless. The post Gochujang and Smoky Horseradish Vegan Mayonnaises appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. It’s already the beginning of March, and only a few weeks from that glorious weekend when the clocks change and we get an extra hour of sunlight in the evening. The post Upmarket Raw Vegan Dining at L’elephant Vert Luang Prabang appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. I have so many opinions about everything, but I’m still unclear on how I feel about okra.
I’m trying so hard to refrain from talking about how great Luang Prabang was eleven years ago. The post Tamarind’s Vegan Cooking Class in Luang Prabang appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. My most recent visit to Vientiane was in 2003, and I recall little more than a delicious sandwich shop followed by the days of severe food poisoning that ensued for my travel companion.
I first tried this stir fry in Phuket after randomly pointing to a few items on a vegan buffet so large that my decision-making gears nearly broke (and they barely function to begin with).

The post Stir Fried Pickled Mustard Greens With Tofu appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
Part of the TREE Alliance, a group focussed on hands-on training for young people to give them employable skills in the hospitality industry, Makphet Restaurant in Vientiane is hit and miss for vegans but most definitely worth a visit.
The post Makphet: supporting a good cause while eating in Vientiane appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. Sometimes a place has wonderful things to see and do, but I don’t gel with the overall vibe and that’s the Mandalay I met. After an eventful bus trip from Nyaungshwe (outdoor toilet break, cloth for door, massive hole in cloth, enough said) that involved many hours literally (hey look, this is how you use that word) sitting in the middle of the road while a broken down lorry was fixed, I arrived in Bagan. Comments have been turned off here, but you can post your thoughts, pictures and videos at The Greenhouse.
They pack your shipping box with the local paper, and its interesting to read a local paper from somewhere else.
All you do is cut the lettuce about an inch above the soil line with a scissors, and it will grow back.
I contemplated re-shooting the whole thing, but i thought it wouldn't be as fun on a re-shoot. Another way, according to Wikipedia, to reduce the resident population is to rototill the garden, as this will destroy hornworm pupae in the soil. I have to admit I had an aversion to them for years, but they are great, and healthy for you too. I did change up the recipe a bit, and of course, forgot ingredients, and also suggested, wrongly, that Jo lives in the midwest. If you have the time, take a look at his video on tomato hornworms.A‚ Nasty, nasty little buggers. Read the instructions that came with your saw, the booklet that came with my Stihl is quite good. I've found it best to place plastic wrap right on the surface of the ice cream, then seal the container. First corn is charred in a wok and then fragrant Southeast Asian ingredients are tossed in to simmer with rich coconut milk before being blended into a semi smooth puree.
Made from a combination of dried red chillies, sweet rice flour, and fermented soybean powder, the slightly funky flavour is further accentuated by weeks of aging in the sun. I have approximately zero interest in gadgets like these, so found myself pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this product. Hiroshima, Osaka, and Takayama were all last minute, uncoordinated decisions that were erratic at best. I’ve been working full time on the internet for 12 years now, and engaging in blogging side projects for nearly as long. The process typically takes at least a couple of months, but as with cheese-making longer aging tends to produce a more flavoursome and umami rich product. Each year a nine day vegetarian festival is held across the country, more pronounced in some areas than others, that celebrates a je diet.
Mom, I love you and the effort you made to support my choice, but those mushy tofu and frozen vegetable stir fries you made when I was a teenager were the worst. The best version I tried utilised dates against a backdrop of rich tomato and berbere gravy soaked injera.
At the class I learned how to make a simple jiew, a dip to be eaten with sticky rice, that contained little more than a few chargrilled grilled vegetables, salt and a pinch of monosodium glutamate. Transportation in Taiwan is efficient, reliable, and fast enough to make day trips easily, so while I was in Taipei I visited a few outlying towns and cities. Everyone goes mad for it, and with good reason, but what confuses me is how dull its preparations often are. Typically it is not vegetarian, but is easy to prepare without traditional meat ingredients and fish sauce.
Also, yes, I still call sweets candy (but I say sweets when I’m pretending in my head that I live in an English Seaside town in like 1887). London, SE1 9RY England The Moveable Feast is a vegetarian popup just next to London Bridge station, under The Shard (come out of the station at the bus stop, go left and down the escalators, then around the corner). Veg Bar is a new vegetarian restaurant just five minutes by bus from Brixton tube, toward Tulse Hill.
One of my favourite condiments for spice and wow factor is gochujang, a Korean chilli paste, so when considering the next mayo variation this seemed an obvious choice. That means there’s a lot more upmarket eating, which is sometimes disappointing and sometimes wonderful, but usually exciting. I don’t want to sound like that tourist, sorry, I mean traveller, who waxes lyrical over how cool they are for going to a place before most people heard about that place.
Vegan food was available, as everywhere in the country, and the one wholly vegetarian restaurant I tried was pretty good. We had already started drinking wine (blame the consant rain and the presence of my father-in-law), hence we neglected to turn up the lights for the camera, so the first part of the episode is a bit dark. If you plant a few rows every two weeks, you can get lettuce for most of the growing season. I was walking around the barn this weekend looking for dandelion, there is still a bunch of it around depsite the record heat wave. The secret got out about Dalston years ago, but the good news about the trendy vibe is there are plentiful vegan options. The firfir recipe below, although not exactly the same (sometimes location is half of the flavour), is in memory of that dish. What’s not to love about the idea of eating that every day? I joked for a long time about visiting Ethiopia because how cool would that be?
If you’re looking for a covered butter dish that’s more of a piece of art than a mere utensil, you’ll find plenty of beautiful objects in this gallery. I cooked this up by myself so please appreciate the dexterous one handed camera work and flattering close up photography of myself.
Mark Bittman in the NY Times had a recipe recently for rhubarb soup, which we may try here as well.

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