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It’s just one of those recipes where you can throw everything together in a glass baking dish and plop it into the oven and not only will your house smell like fall, there’s no legwork to make a delicious after dinner treat! For this recipe be sure to double check your ingredients to verify that they are certified gluten-free! Later in this week I’ll be introducing some more horrifying vegan dishes, so be prepared to get scared, with my horror movie features!
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Download my 12 Fall Favorite vegan recipes ebook to get all my fall favorite recipes in one easy, accessible place! I haven’t baked in such a long time, but I think I have all of those ingredients in my cabinet now! Although these items all seem gluten-free, cross contamination is unfortunately very common.
I actually rarely make pb cookies for some reason [probably because I use pb in EVERYTHING else] but not much beats a nice chewy pb cookie!!

After you see how easy and how quick this vegan gluten free apple crumble is to make, your vegan and gluten-free baking dreams will come true! Which also also should lend to me spending a good amount of time running or hitting up the gym, but my exercise lately has been reduced to beating together my butter and sugar.
I’ve always wanted to try a gluten-free kind, and I think I found the perfect recipe to test out. In a small bowl, combine your lemon juice, sugar, oats, baking powder, cinnamon, pumpkin pie extract, and salt, stir until well combined.
I'm a 100% vegan recipe creator, product and restaurant reviewer, cruelty-free foodie hoping to inspire others to make a plant-based lifestyle switch! SO good), it’s been a good season for sweets and these peanut butter bites are no exception. Just throw your ingredients into a mixer or hand-mix and all of a sudden you have a delicious bowl of cookie dough that tastes like the filling of a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. They are little pillows of fluffy goodness and are chock full of melty chocolate chips and crunchy pieces of crushed peanuts.

Top the oat mix and apples with 2-3 Tbl Earth Balance, it will melt and distribute the flavors throughout the crumble. I actually had to make two seperate batches of these before I was able to snap some photos of them since they magically dissapeared overnight. Bake for approximately 35 minutes, until the apples are tender and the oat mix has browned. Apart from me being a little irritated at having to have to heat up the house a little with the oven, it meant that I could make some more of the best peanut butter cookie dough ever and enjoy it with a triple shot latte that Kyle brought me. I know a lot of GF treats sometimes leave a little to be desired, but these are incredibly soft and bursting with peanut butter and chocolate flavor that go perfectly with a glass of milk. I usually make myself so sick off of stuffing my face with cookie dough that when the final product comes out, I’m left lying on the ground in a (magnificent) sugar coma.

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