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I like to make this ahead of time, and bring it along on our camping trips all ready to go.
Just wrap the corn in 1 or 2 pieces of bacon, then wrap in tin foil and roast on the grill over the fire for about 20 minutes. I announced last month that I will be taking the boys on a massive camping road trip this summer. Easy to make camping mealsThese easy camping meal ideas are true to the spirit of good ol’ campfire cooking, but without all the muss and fuss of a lot of work. Hobo foil packs started as simple meat and potatoes concoctions made at Boy Scout campouts, but once adult campers found out how easy and delicious these meals could be – the sky was the limit for what could be cooked in a foil pack. Start with a layer of onions, then the hamburger, followed by the sliced potatoes, and then the sliced carrots. Tip: A good pair of campfire gloves is almost a must-have for campfire and tin-foil cooking.
From simple and basic diced chicken and veggies, to more exotic Bruschetta chicken with bacon, these tin-foil meals are as delicious as they are easy to make. Starting with the traditional Boy Scout Hobo hamburger, see 5 more tasty Hobo dinners – including spicy Italian Sausage and Potatoes. Everything tastes better when it’s cooked in the great outdoors, and everyone enjoys kicking back with a delicious and easy camping meal. How to Plan Camping Meals and MenusBefore you can plan your camp meals and menu you need to answer some questions that will determine what type of camping meals and camp food you want to consider.
Camp Meals – How to Pack SmartCarrying heavy boxes and coolers of food for your camp meals into and out of camp is one of the least fun jobs of the whole camping trip. A campfire cooking grill is one of the handiest, (and least expensive), pieces of camping gear you can have.

A folding grill grate like the pictured Coleman model works great, isn’t too heavy, and takes up very little space. Before we left for our last camping trip, I realised that it had been so long since we'd ventured out to the bush, that I was all out of camping food ideas for the trip. The first one was a main dinner idea - I adapted it slightly to suit the ingredients we had on hand.
One day when my kids are old enough to not stress me completely out…I’ll take them camping and make them delicious food! I’m curating numerous camping recipes to share to my visitors, so they too can prep and cook tasty meals such as yours. But one of the difficulties that you might get while camping is that you might not be able to cook delicious food. You will require cheese, bread, onion, tomatoes, capsicum or whatever vegetable you want to add to the sandwich. You will need all purpose floor, white sugar, milk, baking powder, vanilla extract, egg, butter, and salt. You will require potatoes, onions, red yellow and green pepper, butter, eggs, cheddar cheese, and eggs.
You will require bacon, sage sausage, onion, potatoes, eggs, cheddar cheese, and cooking oil. Everyone wants to enjoy good camp food, but why should you get stuck doing all the cooking? One good feature of these meals is the camp cook can get by with just prepping and laying out the camp food for the meals – then each camper creates, wraps, and cooks their own meal. Once you understand the concept, you can create any type of tin-foil meal you want, (some campers make this their last dinner of the trip – so they can toss in all their leftovers).

Add the Worcestershire sauce, and top with salt & pepper, (seasoned to taste), and butter.
These camp cooking tips will show you how to save time, weight and bulk, and get out of the camp kitchen sooner.
Even when your camp site fire-ring has a grill you will still find yourself using this one too! I love to make nice things, spend time with my family, travel, bake yummy treats, read pretty craft books, give handmade gifts, toast marshmallows in our wood fired oven & live a lovely life. With all this camping comes the needs for delicious and hearty recipes that are simple to make and can really fill us up after a long day of hiking and fun. But there are some foods that can be easily cooked while camping and these are healthy too. You will require cheese flavored Quaker instant grits, Bacon, slat & pepper, 4 cups of water, and eggs. You need medium potatoes, eggs, cooking oil, onion, ground sausage, cheddar cheese, salt, and pepper to cook the food. Another favorite thing that I like to cook while camping is omelettes in a bag for breakfast. So, here are some best and easy camping food recipe ideas for the travelers, who love to camp.

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