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Hot enchilada sauce, Refried beans, divided and 8 more..
Boneless skinless chicken breasts, Mayonnaise and 9 more.. Cooked chicken breasts, shredded, Cream of chicken soup and 7 more..
Chopped, cooked chicken breast, White beans, drained and 9 more.. Green onions, chopped, Ripe tomatoes, diced and 7 more.. Shredded monterey jack cheese, Chopped green chilies and 6 more.. Egg noodles, cooked and drained, Cream of mushroom soup and 4 more.. Cream of chicken soup, Diced green chilies, Onion, chopped and 4 more.. Butter, divided, Skinless, boneless chicken breast halves and 11 more.. Just about everything in it came out of a can or a jar, and I heated it in plastic in the microwave.
While I was at it, I put together two more servings of this ridiculously easy enchilada casserole, one for my husband to take with him to work and one for myself. The amount of ingredients you need for this will depend on the size of the container you’re making it in.

Cover the top loosely with waxed paper (do not use the thermos top), and put the dish into the microwave. Microwaves vary, so check to make sure that the inside is warm by inserting a knife into the middle and checking a sample. The sodium’s mostly from the canned beans and salsa, so if you make your own or buy low-sodium versions, you can reduce it greatly. Someone gave me a link to this years ago before went fat-free, but i think some other website had stolen this! If I wanted to do this on a larger scale, say for my 5 year old’s pre-k class of 12 kids, and do it in the oven so as to accomodate the size baking dish I’d need, can you tell me a good temperature and lenght of time to bake it? Photos, original recipes, and text © Susan Voisin+ and Fatfree Vegan Kitchen, 2006-2016. Big fat burn problem soldev by our pharmcists that we are now can avice you to visit and adipex online best pharma store. In a bowl, combine the Greek yogurt, enchilada sauce, taco seasoning and shredded cheese, and mix well. Though I’ve been spending lots of time reading cookbooks and finding recipes that give me plenty of inspiration, when it comes time to actually go into the kitchen and cook something, I seize up and become completely incapable of deciding what to cook. If you loathe food out of cans, object to microwave ovens, or fear cooking in plastic, get away, quick, and don’t look back! All together, it took me just 6 minutes, about the same time it would have taken to make the peanut butter sandwich she begged me not to make.
I figured I needed something stronger than salad to pull me out of my blahs, and a hot lunch just might do the trick.
My daughter’s 12-ounce microwaveable thermos held less than the CorningWare dishes that I used for my and my husband’s lunches, so the ingredients listed below are just approximations based on one serving–you may find you need more or less.

If you’re making this in a thermos, it will continue to cook after you’ve sealed the container, so getting it hot in the middle is not so important. All comments are read and appreciated, and if you have a question, I will try to respond within a couple days. When you buy something through my links, I receive a commission that helps support this site at no extra cost to you. Then I wind up throwing together my dirty secret soup or an old favorite like arrabbiata or just give up and call the nearest sushi place for takeout. You know, it may have worked: it was a tasty and warm treat on yet another cold, rainy day.
If you cannot find a BPA-free thermos, I recommend using a glass or ceramic dish.) Spread a couple of tablespoons of salsa in the bottom of the dish. If serving right away, heat it until it’s very hot and then let it sit for a few minutes to cool. I call it food blogging burnout but it’s probably some kind of low-level depression caused by too many rainy days and too little sunlight. Next place a layer of tortillas over the salsa, trying to cover most of the dish’s bottom–a little overlapping is okay. What seperates it from other similar dishes is that the combination of the two types of enchilada sauces. Spread with the rest of the beans, sprinkle with the corn, and spoon a little salsa over the corn.

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