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For years, the motto for Pillsbury Crescent Rolls has been "flaky on the outside, soft on the inside." This very appealing attribute of crescent rolls has become the basis for many recipes, from cinnamon rolls to casseroles. Because we love our readers, please enjoy this free, printable recipe for Chicken Alfredo Crescent Casserole!
Bacon Eggs and Cheese Breakfast Cups This wonderful crescent roll recipe is simply unbeatable. These miniature morsels of delicious breakfast flavor are soon to become your new favorite morning treat.
Since this is a crescent roll recipe, the bars come together quickly and are easy to serve.
A creative new chicken pot pie recipe that the family will love, Muffin Tin Pot Pies flaky outside and flavorful filling will make it your new favorite. Wrapped up in a delicious crescent roll "wrapper," these beef bundles are bite-sized appetizers great to serve with any meal.
When you only have 30 minutes to squeeze in a weeknight meal, this crescent roll pizza recipe is the perfect quick fix.
When making enchiladas, why not ditch the tortilla and instead use fluffy, buttery crescent rolls? This loaded crescent roll casserole is a hearty meal fit to feed even the largest appetites. When you're pressed for time and need an easy dinner solution, try this budget-friendly recipe.

When you're in a hurry in the morning, these Grab and Go Caramel Rolls are the perfect breakfast quick fix.
With only 2 ingredients and 4 minutes of prep time, this might be one of the easiest apple dessert recipes you'll make!
If you want an easy dessert recipe to make, then look no further because Crescent Roll Bars are the perfect treat. When your sweet tooth strikes, you don't always have time to whip up a from-scratch dessert recipe.
CHICKEN AND CREAM CHEESE CRESCENT ROLL RECIPESSauce are made slight adjustments to seal cut your cutting.
In this FREE eCookbook, you'll find everything from delicious main dishes, to easy sides and delectable desserts.
Sweet and savory dishes incorporate the flaky, buttery bread that people everywhere can enjoy. Using crescent roll dough and cream cheese as a base, you can make a delicious pastry that's exactly what you want.
Everyone loves a good breakfast bake, and this one brings all your favorite breakfast ingredients together in every bite. Sweet Resurrection Rolls only take 15 minutes of hands-on time, and you won't believe how good they are. Stupidly Easy Italian Crescent Casserole takes about 30 minutes from start to finish and uses just a few basic ingredients!

Made with a tube of refrigerated crescent rolls, this shortcut version of a delicious breakfast recipe is one that comes together in under 30 minutes. Made using simple ingredients like packaged crescent rolls, cream cheese, and sugar, this dessert is not only super tasty but totally budget-friendly. Chocolate Crescent Cookies are crescent rolls stuffed with sweet cream cheese and chocolate chips, then cut into cookies and drizzled with icing. That's where simple two ingredient recipes for dessert, like this Stupidly Easy Crescent Roll Dessert, come into play. Recipes using crescent rolls are always a preferable method for the lazy chef in all of us, because they are super easy, require almost no prep, and are ready fairly quickly. They're perfect for holidays or even just as a treat along with your regular, morning meal.
Either way, this crescent roll recipe will be one of the best things you've eaten in a long time. On our website you can find not only delicious homemade recipes, but also read the opinions of other users about the recipe preparation, as well as other home cooks tell us what you think about this recipe by leaving a comment on the site.

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