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September 18, 2013 by Lisa Longley 17 Comments Buffalo Chicken Cups that are super simple to make and totally delicious! A I think when Gavin started school last year, I totally underestimated how it would change my life. Ha, I do have to agree, I thought I’d have loads of time when my youngest went to preschool, but somehow I have less! Lisa, you had me at Buffalo Chicken ?Y™‚ I am all for easy weeknight meals, especially if they use up my leftovers and these sound perfect. I love these but why does mine seem to take soooo long to cook even after 16 minutes mine are still doughy on the bottoms and cooked fully on the top.
Make this delicious casserole up while the hubby's watching football Sunday afternoon or throw it together real quick on Monday, either way, your family will love this fun twist on traditional lasagna!  For the full recipe click here. For this recipe you'll need 1 cup of Joseph's Grainery Wheat (hard red or soft white), cooked.

Share it!472030Believe it or not, these easy dinner recipe meal ideas under $5 are totally tasty! A I think I just thought that it would be like having a little break from the four year old for a few hours. A And then that need for organization pretty much doubled now that he is in school full time this year. A Quinn is super pumped up because she is just getting done with a nap, and Gavin is in a super funk because he is tired and run down from a long day of school. Barbaque Cups and there are tons more delicious dinner ideas for busy nights on Pillsbury’s site.
The content and opinions expressed here are all my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of General Mills. A They are both hungry, and a lot of the time I am torn between getting dinner ready, helping Gavin stay on task with his homework, and keeping Quinn occupied and away from her brother.

A Okay, give me simple meals that are easy to put together, because take out makes me feel like a bad mom. A I first did it last year when I made my 15 Minute Mini Calzones, then as a compliment to another recipe with Mozzarella Focaccia Biscuits. A It’s the perfect way to use some left over chicken, and will be a big crowd pleaser either for a busy school night or for Sunday football! A You can also click here to download a Pillsbury recipe booklet and then come back and tell me what you are most excited to try first!

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