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One of my favorite things about this quick easy dessert recipe is it starts with a boxed cake mix.   But, if you have the time, you could always use a recipe from scratch. If you like this recipe, be sure to check out all of the easy dessert recipes on It is a Keeper! While dessert does normally mean many hours slaving away in the kitchen, hoping that cake will rise properly or those egg whites will come to the right stiffness, there are dessert shortcuts. Using a the handle of a wooden spoon, poke about 20-25 holes in the cake making sure to evenly distribute them.

And now trying to find the cool whip cream cheese frosting… what is it that I need total to make the frosting? Either it's not healthy enough (but com'on guys, we all need a little sugar in our lives) or there's just not enough time to be messing around with bake ware. With dessert recipes that can be made in 10 minutes or less, you never have to skip dessert again.
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In a large bowl, beat together the cool whip, frosting, and the whipped cream cheese until smooth.

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