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Looking for easy dessert recipes? Are you thinking these German desserts are probably really difficult? Who would guess the easy flaky dessert was made with soda crackers, instant pudding, and Cool Whip? In fact, why not check out ALL my quick dessert recipes above.I'm positively sure you'll find something tantilizingly wunderbar!Take photos as you make them and post them to my Quick German Recipes Facebook page for all to see!While you're there, be sure to 'like' the page, OK? Yes, and just in case you're looking for something special for Christmas, take a look below at my Christmas Baking ebook.
German Blitz Torte Recipe made Just like Oma May 13, 16 01:25 PMThis German Blitz Torte recipe is such a quick and easy cake to make - great for holidays and birthdays.

German Apple Cake Recipe made Just like Oma May 12, 16 11:27 PMThis German Apple Cake recipe is quick and easy and looks great too. Skip all the extra work and still get the same delicious results; try one of these amazing recipes using cake mix and you'll understand what we're talking about! It's something you can quickly put together just before company comes, and then serve, still warm from the oven.
So almost anything I can do to lessen my time there is something I look for.As well, not all ingredients that are needed for "German baking" is available here where I live in Canada. It's made with just five ingredients and the majority of the work is layering them on top of each other.

Then go to Quick German Recipes Facebook where there are over 64,000 German Foodie Fans who can help!
I don't think so, but it is so light and delicious after a traditional schnitzel dinner, it becomes one of those "cross-cultural" desserts!I experimented with this, again with the crackers, pudding, Cool Whip, and cherry pie filling, but made it REALLY German.

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