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When I put this dish on my menu a few weeks back, a lot of you commented or emailed and asked for the recipe. We thought the pasta salad was good, though, and since so many of you wanted to try it, I’m going to share it today. I got the recipe from my newspaper (back before I cancelled the subscription!), and they’d adapted it from a Stephen Pyle cookbook. If you need more help with avoiding cilantro waste, check out my list of ideas for using up cilantro. 2013-06-23 by Mary Ellen Leave a Comment Cinnamon Rolls made using our 3 Ingredients Biscuit recipe.

With the biscuit recipe and some cinnamon smear these are what a quick cinnamon roll should taste like.
Follow me on Facebook, Google+ , Instagram or Pinterest to see when I post or share something new! The original recipe specified a chilling time of 20 minutes, with the instruction to add lemon juice to liven up the flavor if that salad had to sit longer than that. While I was eating one I remembered a cinnamon roll my mom would sometimes make us using Bisquick on weekend mornings. They are light, tender with a cinnamon goodness and just a touch of sweetness from the icing.

However, I thought the salad tasted better after it had chilled overnight, so next time I make this, I’ll combine everything early in the day, or I will at least make the dressing early in the day so that the flavors have time to meld.

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