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Delicious Rating: I have baked and eaten a lot of peanut butter cookies in my time but these take first place. If lemons and limes were in a competition against each other, I would choose lemons every time, they are the clear winner especially when it comes to dessert. Delicious Rating: These are great cookies for eating alone and maybe sharing if you feel up to it!
With so many Cookie Recipes come a variety of so many types of cookies, including: Sugar cookies, Spice cookies, Chocolate cookies, Chocolate Chip cookies, Peanut Butter cookies, Butter cookies, Nut cookies, Fruit cookies, Lemon cookies, Pumpkin cookies, Oatmeal cookies, Ginger snap cookies…and the Cookie list go on and on!So what is your favorite cookie to munch on? However, I don’t get lemons very often if at all here in Costa Rica so the next best thing are limes.

The cookies will have a firm bottom when baked but the insides are soft and almost, just almost, cakey cookie. You cannot simply exchange lemons for limes so I wanted to create a recipe that really showed off limes potential. The lime is there and since it is paired with nutmeg and cinnamon, it is distinct but is perfect with the spices.
The nutella is not as strong as I would like but you know you are eating a nutella cookie when munching them down!
I really enjoyed these and am thinking of making them when I need an acidic fruit dessert fix!

I have made these on numerous occasions and each time everyone is wowed, I mean, they can’t believe they are eating a homemade pinwheel cookie.

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