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Cat Davis from Food Family Finds shares some simple (and adorable!) ideas for Halloween treats you can make with the kids.
Even though Halloween is the number one holiday each year for candy sales, in our home, it’s the number one holiday for homemade candy and treats. Every treat shared below includes a Halloween twist on classic treats made throughout the year and is easy enough for young children to help make and decorate. A few simple ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry will make it fun and easy for the kids to decorate the classic Rice Krispies Treats with orange coloring and a fun, Jack-O-Lantern face. Using a silicone brownie pop baking sheet, you can quickly take a boxed brownie mix for boring to spooky with a little frosting and candy sticks. Popcorn balls have never been quite so festive with the addition of gelatin to make them extra soft and gooey, along with candy corn for one sweet treat.
Another fun and easy to make treat for kids to decorate with brownies cut from a cookie cutter to look like pumpkins. Cat Davis is the professional mom blog author of Food Family Finds where she shares her life as a police officer’s wife, mom to three young children, love of traveling Illinois, family recipes and serving as a mom brand ambassador through product reviews.

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I serve the fish & chips with ketchup and mayo for the kids and tartar sauce and lemon for the adults.
The old fashion Rice Krispies Treat recipe can be simply amazing with a little bit of creativity. Together, we love being able to bake, decorate and enjoy festive and sometimes spooky treats. These easy lollipop treats are perfectly sized for candy wrappers and can be molded into dozens of fun Halloween shapes. I also prefer breadcrumbs, and this is what we eat on 24 December for our Czech Xmas dinner, fish schnitzels with potato salad. I love hearing about what different cultures eat for Xmas – now I know what the Czechs eat. I attended a wedding that served sweet fish & chips at the evening party along with miniature beef and yorkshire puddings-very sweet.

My daughter has decided this week that she only wants to eat fish fingers so I’m going to try this recipe for her. Hope your daughter enjoys it – mine would eat fish fingers every day too if she was allowed!
You can shape and build them, color them, stuff them, cover them in chocolate, or put them on a stick!
This stuff is almost like Playdoh, making it easy to color and shape into just about anything.

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