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Chicken marinara recipe is simply boneless chicken breasts baked in the oven with marinara sauce on top. Just 2 minutes before turning off the heat, place Parmesan cheese on top of the chicken breasts. You can add a ladle of water that was used to cook pasta to the sauce to enhance the flavor. Featuring a Collection of Light & Festive Recipes for weight loss Success during the holidays! Add tons of flavor to your meal with simple, low calorie, marinara sauce you can keep in the pantry. Even on days when I have more time than energy to put a meal on the table, it is temping to call Mike and have him bring home some fast food for dinner. This baked chicken recipe is barely even a recipe but it has saved my tired butt on many occasions.
First things first, give the children enough snack to buy 10 minutes of unencumbered meal prep time. If you don’t have an onion just spray the bottom of the pan with a bit of non-stick spray or brush on some cooking oil. Weight Loss Tip: I prefer bone-in and skin-on for this recipe, it keeps the meat moist and creates a bolder flavor when they combine with the marinara sauce. The important part is to season the meat generously with cracked black pepper and a light dusting of Kosher salt. Now slide your pan into the oven, rinse the cutting board, and let the chicken do its thing for 30 minutes, for small legs, up to 50 minutes for large thighs.

I like to serve baked chicken with marinara over brown rice, whole wheat pasta, or rustic roasted vegetables and mix in the extra sauce and juicy onions.
Download my handy reference to make the best nutritional choice for snacks and recipes using nuts & seeds.
Save, rate and review your favorite Campbell's recipes, share more about yourself and access exclusive newsletters and discounts. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. With that in mind I want to make sure you also have this idea in your back pocket for your too-tired to cook days. However, substituting boneless-skinless chicken thighs reduces the calories and shaves ? of the total fat from every 4oz serving. Finally take your favorite pasta or marinara sauce, really go for the flavor not the size of the jar, and blop a scoop over each piece of chicken.
Rice is the best for a can’t-deal dinner, you can get it going in the rice cooker before you start the chicken and it will just hang out until you are ready to eat. An easy chicken recipe great for a weeknight when you want a bit more pizzaz with minimal effort. If you have never done a side-by-side tasting of different salts I strongly encourage you to give several a try. I usually use about a cup for the entire pan of chicken, this is less than the jar leaving enough to make pizza later in the week.
It is also easy to simmer a can of crushed tomatoes with some minced garlic, diced celery, grated carrots and bell peppers, then puree the sauce smooth.

Add a side of microwave steamed vegetables, a salad (from a bag tossed in 30 seconds!), and (if you are feeling sassy) a glass of bold red wine. This stove top method is a terrific way to sneak new vegetables flavors into your picky eaters. You can put it on a platter to serve but let’s be real, I just did made it all fancy to increase the temptation factor, normally the baking pan goes from the oven to the table to cut down on the dishes. Now, sit back, take the compliments, and enjoy the product of your well intentioned, albeit begrudging, effort. In theory, you might consider discarding the onion after cooking to remove some of the fat that will melt away from the chicken on to the onions. From the store, I like a brand called Rising Moon Organics, I find it in the natural food section at Fred Meyer (a Kroger store). I don’t have numbers to back up the theory, and I like the flavor, so I keep the onions. It is said that around 450 years ago, wives of sailors in Naples came up with this recipe to add more flavors to the food and that’s how the sauce came into existence. There are so many pasta sauce options, I know others would love to hear about the good ones. It gives the chicken that pop of healthy color and fresh aroma that really gets mouths watering.

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