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This child-friendly version of the classic Indian dish will turn your kids into curry lovers! I just threw it all in slow cooker without any prep, used a knorr curry pot instead of paste as I couldn't find any.
I didn't bother with the ginger or coriander and I only put half the amount of Almonds as I'm not a fan, it was delicious. This doesn't taste that much like restaurant curry but agreed that it is kid friendly - have to dice up the onions very small to get past my lot, but the sauce was declared 'super yummy'.

Serve your korma  on a bed of rice, with a dollop of plain yoghurt and some naan bread. It might be useful to say what size slow cooker you have as I had to add water to mine twice as I could smell it starting to burn, I suspect I may have a larger slow cooker. DD aged three and a half wasn't too keen, but she's super-fussy at the moment, so I won't let that affect my rating!
I'm making it again today (minus garlic as I haven't got any) and I'm going to try 350ml chicken stock.

It turned out much drier than what the picture suggests, but this could have been because I was using Quorn instead of chicken.

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