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A creamy filling of chicken, sour cream, and cheese gets an added "kick" stirred into it with Pace(R) Picante Sauce. How to Make my Easy Chicken EnchiladasLook no further, you have just found the best chicken enchilada recipe – one that your family will love. For this simple dinner recipe, you can use leftover fowl, or you can microwave or boil a few poultry breasts.
Stir the chopped meat into the onions and peppers already in the pan, add the broth or water and heat thoroughly. Using a slotted spoon, spoon the meat and vegetable mixture into the center of a tortilla, sprinkle grated cheese over the meat and roll it up.
Spoon the remainder of the tomato sauce over the enchiladas, and sprinkle what’s left of the cheese on top of the enchiladas and sauce. This simple chicken enchilada recipe is a favorite at my house, and since it will fill eight tortillas, I have leftover enchiladas for another dinner or for a lunch.
This carrier has been designed to make your take-along dinner dish easy to carry, hot or cold.

Gee this looks simple for anyone to do to use up the leftover chicken and a great idea as a chicken enchiladas. Share your favorite recipes, tips, advice, etc., and make extra money by writing for InfoBarrel. With the help of The Wisest Kid in the Whole Worldaā€˛?, Campbell`s soup is offering delicious recipes your kids won`t be able to refuse..
If you are baking a hen for a meal, then plan to make this casserole for another meal using the leftover meat. If, after filling the first tortilla, it has either too much filling or not enough adjust your measurements. Serve your enchiladas with a large garden fresh salad, a tasty dessert and gather the family around the table for a delicious, homemade meal. I also have a recipe for another hearty casserole, a delicious poultry and dumplings recipe and a stroganoff recipe – all using leftovers.
So, I have many recipes to use leftover chicken, and turn it into a new meal for the next night.

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Bake the hen when you have extra time; then you will already have the leftover meat to use when you have less time to prepare a meal. Your family will be pleased with the yummy dinner, and by using leftovers, you will save money, too. For a complete list of my articles, including many other quick recipes, visit my home page.
Easy chicken enchilada casserole is also a great take-along dish for church meetings, neighborhood get-togethers and tailgate parties.

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