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Made this cake today it was super easy to make and tasted fantastic although I did reduce the sugar slightly as i did not have enough brown sugar I used 60g of brown and 60g of caster sugar and it turned out perfectly. This recipe is great – perfect for those who like a nice light, moist cake with a great taste as some fruit cakes are too heavy. Hi Jane, you can either use 2 x 1lb loaf tins (we usually do this so we can eat one cake and freeze the other), or you can use a 2lb loaf tin. This Easy Christmas Cake Recipe is so simple and quick, you’ll wonder why you ever spent all those weeks chopping, soaking and stirring. And while you’re in the baking mood, why not try making your own Christmas Pudding or Christmas Ice-cream Pudding.
Take out of the oven, cover with foil and allow to cool completely in the tin (this will make the cake nice and moist).
In Germany we tend to bake lots of christmas cookies which is loads of work and living in the tropics I don’t want to be in the hot kitchen for days.
Hi Jackie – I too had always been turned off by the time and effort needed to make a Christmas cake.
It is some years since I last baked a Christmas Cake but I do have the ingredients, to make one this year.
Thanks for the compliment Lisa This cake really is easy and quick to prepare – reckon you can do it in the motor home! Lovely I’m staying put in Perth this Christmas so I might pull my finger out and get a start on a homemade Christmas cake this year to enjoy at home.
Covering the Christmas cake with foil, immediately after taking it out of the oven, really helps the cake become nice and moist.

And the good thing is, you know what’s gone into making this one – no nasty preservatives or flavour enhancers! Christmas cake is usually a long process to prepare, this Easy Christmas Cake Recipe looks super simple. I can remember my Mum soaking fruits for weeks and for years this put me off making my own Christmas cake.
My first Christmas cake was so successful, I made 4 more and gave them as presents, I also used the same recipe and made muffin size and used them as Christmas pudding with custard. Great to hear your first Christmas cake was such a success – and what a great idea to give some as gifts. So glad you like this Easy Christmas Cake Recipe – and great to see you’re making it outside of Christmas! Yes um it lasts for ages and makes good midnight snacks, better move on to easter buns me thinks though lol. The recipe is not only easy to make and bake but it’s also so tasty (dixit my husband). I have made this recipe five times, each time it has been equally as good as the one before. I used 6oz sultanas, 2oz glace cherries and a handful of walnuts for the fruit (but didn’t boil the cherries or nuts).
I have always been turned off making a christmas cake because of the time it takes, but this one is perfect.
I haven’t had a Christmas cake n years but can recall the smell and the wonderful taste from my earlier years.

Everyone said that it was the best Christmas cake and pudding they had ever tasted and I believe them because I have already eaten the first one. I didn’t have baileys or cream I had a drop of rum and added it to a bit of milk instead.
Adding molasses would work as well, but it would also change the taste – not sure it would go well with Baileys, brandy or rum?? You could store it in the freezer for much longer …just take out 2 or 3 days before you need it and allow to thaw fully in the fridge. However, please advise if the all purpose flour can be changed to superfine flour or cake flour to have a softer texture? Thanks for a great moment of great tasting ( I am Mediterranean , so I’m a bit enthusiastic).
The cream content of the Baileys also lightens the cake – same with the milk you added. If you are thinking about making this cake think no longer – just do it and you will not look back. Covered top of loaf with moistened greaseproof for last half hour because it was browning a bit quick. If you are prepared to risk cholesterol-narcosis, try the cake with a thick coat of butter – divine!

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