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They were good, but a little to sweet for my taste, I will definetly make them again, but I will cut the sugar in half next time.
I used this recipe tonight, I changed the recipe a little…Instead of oil, I used melted margarine. The texture was great and they smelled wonderful but the taste of the baking powder was very prominent.
I made these with dinner the other night, and my partner said they were better than store-bought! I woke up this morning craving biscuits and gravy and having a tight wallet I had to make do with what I already had and this recipe was perfect!
I made these twice, the first time they never rose both times I followed the recipe but I used bacon grease instead of oil. Easter is on Sunday and if you are looking for a fuss free last minute dessert idea, then look no further, this biscuit pudding is a delicious way to end your Easter meal.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoyed my recipes :-) Your comments mean the world to me. I started making biscuits this morning and when I got to the shortening part there was none to be found. My son (being autistic) had a GREAT time kneading the dough ?? Can’t wait to see how they turn out.
Thanks for helping make my first time making homemade biscuits painless and a huge success! You could try making it the other way, but I have always made it the way listed so I can’t guarantee the results like that.
The first time they never rose, and the consistency of the dough was like drop cookie dough (Which is not rollable), they tasted good, but came out flat… The second time I did the exact same thing, used bacon grease again, and this time the dough came out like it should, and they rose. In a bowl using your hand crush the biscuits, add butter & vanilla and mix well until the mixture resembles bread crumbs.

Other variations like using whipped cream, fruit, nuts, chocolate chips or ice cream can be done. My kids just loved them and my wife just fell in love with them as much as she sent some of them to our neighbours for them to taste ! And even if you just have an hour in hand it would be just right to try this last minute dessert. Knead a couple of times (I just used a silicone spatula, not my hands) to form it into a ball.

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