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The Pillsbury million dollar Bake-Off took place yesterday and of course how I discovered it was through my social networks as I saw one of the people I follow on Instagram posting images as they were at the finals. If you have been following my content on Pinterest you will know I have been curating a board of recipes using crescent rolls – I can not get them in my local supermarket but there is an equivalent you will find in the chilled counter if you are in Ireland or the UK. While I really like to encourage the kids in our Cooking With The Kids series of recipes to cook from scratch they also like the satisfaction of creating something quickly and easily with products like crescent rolls. If you are looking for more inspiration for Crescent Roll Recipes follow my board on Pinterest.

As an aside, I used to work with Pillsbury back in the 1990’s in one of my roles in the then GrandMet – little did I guess that years later I would be writing a blog including Pillsbury recipes that my kids will be making in our kitchen here in Ireland! My name is Krishna De and I'm a brand journalist, digital marketing and social media speaker, strategist, educator and mentor. You will find the resources on this site of assistance if you want to be more effective with your digital marketing, enhance your online visibility and manage your online reputation. I write about digital marketing research and trends as well as sharing resources and events I think will be of interest to you.

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