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It’s the middle of July, and the middle of winter in the southern hemisphere, and probably the nicest time in Brisbane. We have 3 great farm phones for this show, with status updates from Hay River, NT and the swamps of northern Illinois.
Two great calls to the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT from some long time listeners, with some great information and updates. We have a great show this week, the farm phone was good and active and we have a great question about moving from Illinois to Perth.
This week we have a great call to 206-202-GOAT, so we talk about Supers, then we talk about camping and egg rings.

Wow, it feels like we just finished talking about floods, and now we’re talking about Tropical Cyclone Yasi. Make sure to call the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT with your seed and plans for the new garden. Show 232 has a little bit of everything, from Australian weather to homemade sushi, to easy beer brewing.
In the last show for 2 weeks we have some great calls to the farm phone, and then we talk about the Aussie election and take a first look at the beer we brewed last month. Well ok we missed a week, and we’ll miss a couple more in August, but we’re back and we have a great section on spinning wheels this week!

This week is the first show of a couple about growing your own food and dealing with pests in the city.
We’re getting back into the swing of things again, and this is a quick catch up show. Part of the process involves disabling all the plugins and switching to the default theme, so the site may seem weird for a while.

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