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Avocado Hummus with Homemade Pita Chips – you will go crazy for the combo of avocado, garbanzo beans and spices! I have never tried this combo before, but anything with avocado is basically amazing so I’m sure I would love it! Ia€™m married to the coolest guy ever.We live in sunny Southern California with our four crazy boys!
Though many of us are careful to plan healthy meals, when it comes to snacks we often end up grabbing something on the fly. Nutritionist Tip: JoEllen Kaufman [1] says, “Make sure the cocoa has not been Dutch-processed or made with alkali. Studies show that replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats—like those found in avocados—is more effective in reducing heart disease than simply lowering fat intake.
Tip: Make this into a light lunch by adding some grilled onions and shredded chicken to the quesadilla and topping with chopped tomatoes. Regularly eating tomatoes, which are naturally rich in lycopene, has been found to have a powerful positive effect on the heart.
The garbanzo beans in hummus are high in fiber and have recently been associated with blood sugar-related health benefits. I have made a similar one, but being lazy, used canned chickpeas and the bottled roasted red pepper. My kids hate red pepper hummus so i never make it, just garlic hummus but if i buy it i often like the variety pack that has spicy versions! Comment Please read through the entire post and comments section before asking a question, as it may have already been answered.
I’m super excited today because not only do I have one of the most delicious recipes to share with you, (courtesy of amazing The California Avocado Commission) BUT my site got a little facelift!!

We’re controlled by cravings, what’s readily available, and the time constraints of our busy day. Remove quesadilla from heat and allow to sit for a couple of minutes before slicing and serving. A percentage of any purchase you make via these links will go towards buying ingredients, photography supplies and server space, as well as all the other expenses involved in running a large cooking website. If using dried chickpeas, drain and rinse them after soaking, then simmer them in lightly salted water on the stovetop for 60-90 minutes until soft and tender.
Combine roasted peppers, chickpeas, tahini paste, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and spices in the processor.
If mixture seems too thick, add warm water a tablespoon at a time and blend until desired consistency is reached. Instead of the lemon juice, try it with a bit of orange (or just add some grated orange peel) for another change of taste. I did not ever want to try it but then I had a roasted garlic hummus and I fell in love with it.
I had a strong sensitivity to garlic and thought I couldn’t eat it at all, but slowly built up a tolerance over time. I have and while it was easy, I hated buying tahini and other random weird ingredients for it.
So I threw this match made in heaven together in a food processor and blended them up with some spices, olive oil and cilantro.
Youa€™ll find her sharingA healthier, budget-friendly, family-friendly, and easy dishes withA some yummy desserts thrown in, too! The trick is to surround yourself with heart-healthy snacks so that all your options are good ones.

Flaxseeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to have heart-healthy effects. While this step is not completely necessary, it will ensure that your hummus turns out very smooth and creamy.
Roasting the garlic helps immensely; I still have issues with raw garlic, but roasted is less of an issue (and taking Tums really helps!). I like to mess around with hummus recipes and try new things, like Ranch Hummus or this Avocado Hummus. So this Avocado Hummus hasA a little Mexican kick from the cilantro while adding some more green color, too. Finally, the two magic ingredients that took this hummus to another level– smoked paprika and cayenne. Originally I made this hummus with soaked cashews instead of tahini, but I found the flavor too sweet, so I tried again using tahini and it was way better. If it’s a true food allergy and she cannot have garlic, this hummus will actually have plenty of flavor without it. The smoked paprika enhanced the natural smoky flavor of the roasted peppers, and the cayenne gave it a little kick of spice that made it all come together in perfect harmony.
Add bean liquid slowly, a little at a time, while blending until desired consistency is achieved.

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