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I think that this Lemon Caper Baked Cod is my new favorite white fish recipe in the whole wide world! Indeed, you’d swear that this fillet of cod has been injected withA tons of butter and booze, yet, only a few tablespoons of ghee, as well asA a mere tablespoon of dry vermouth, were used in the elaboration of this dish. Put the ghee in a small mixing bowl and meltA it in the microwave, which should take no longer thanA 30-45 seconds. Finally, collect the zest from both lemons and then slice them fairly thinly, so that you end up with at least 12 full slices in total.
All that’s left to do now is spoon some of thatA melted ghee mixture on top of each fillet, dividing it equally between the 4 of them.
Next, you’ll want to top each fillet with a few capers as well as a generous pinch of the lemon zest.
Ooops, sorry… I forgot to tell you to take the capers out of the fridge, didn’t I? If you are going to be cooking your fish right away, place the packets on rimmed baking sheet, overlapping slightly if necessary. Or, place the packets in the refrigerator until you are ready to bake your fish, eitherA later that day or even the next day. Bake the fish for 12 to 15 minutes, depending on the thickness of your fillets and desired doneness. Whatever you do, make sure that you promptly open the packets as soon as you take them out of the oven in order to avoid overcooking, and be careful to let the steam escape away from you.

Carefully transfer the fish fillets to a serving plate and spoon all the juices that have accumulated at the bottom of the packet right over your fish. You can spoon some over the vegetables, too, you know… in fact, those juices are so amazingly tasty that I sincerely regretted not havingA opted to go with a little bit ofA white rice as a side.
Next time I make this recipe, you can be sure that it’ll get served over a bed of rice… and if you eatA rice, too, I strongly recommend that you do just the same! I hosted some non-vegan friends for dinner and they really seemed to enjoy this cod, I wasn’t sure how to cook fish but your recipe was a life-saver. Quick to cook and easy to prepare, these summer seafood dishes prove that sometimes less really is more. Fill Your PlateWhen it’s too hot to cook, the less time spent at the stove, the better. Keep It Cool (and Crunchy) Pair the whole grilled fish with a refreshing cucumber and fennel salad: Chop the vegetables and add a handful of your favorite fresh herbs, a bit of olive oil, and a splash of lime juice or rice vinegar.
Start Shucking Cut the kernels from a few ears of corn and saute them in a skillet with butter, cayenne, salt, and pepper. Like produce, seafood has peak months when local varieties are available or especially abundant. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. Once boiling, turn down to low (#2 or low on your oven) and simmer on low (will still be boiling) for about 10 minutes.

Someone told me that squash or veggie spaghetti is suppose to be good for healthy eating but I haven’t checked that out yet.
We are a crew of four generations all living together under one roof and I just happen to be the ring leader of our little o'l blog. While it might not look like much, you would not believe the amount of flavor that emanates from such a simple piece of fish. To the melted ghee, add the dry white wine or vermouth (you could also useA caper brine if you prefer to stay away fromA alcohol or want to keep things squeaky clean), minced garlic, salt, white pepper and finely chopped parsley and mix with a fork until well combined. Then, line 3 slices of lemon smack in the center of eachA sheet of aluminium foilA and place one fillet on top of each row of lemon slices.
Personally, I prefer my firm fleshed white fish a little bit more on the well-done side, as I find they tend to be slightly chewy when underdone, so I left mine in for 15 minutes and found it to be absolutely perfect. It sure would’ve tasted fantastic, all soaked up in those rich, butteryA andA lemony juices. If you want to fish around, try substituting bass or snapper for branzino, swordfish or halibut for cod, and albacore for bigeye tuna.

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