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Nancy Kelsey - 5 Ingredient Cookbook: 50 Delicious Quick and Easy Recipes That You Can Mak is available on a new fast direct download service with over 2,210,000 Files to choose from. This SIMPLE and DELICIOUS cookbook has step-by-step recipes that are easy to follow and simply prepared.
When you have a few minutes to spare, and access to a kitchen, these tasty recipes keep the ingredient count in check.
A combo of butter, spinach, and Parmesan transforms this plate of zucchini noodles into a restaurant-quality meal. If you’ve got a little extra time and a few more ingredients, Minimalist Baker recommends adding a handful of spices. When preparing a family meal, it's best to let as few ingredients as possible stand between you and the finished product. Download your free copy of the 5-Ingredient Recipes: 21 Easy Dinner Ideas with 5 Ingredients or Less free eCookbook today! When you just want to get dinner on the table fast, there's no need to fuss over recipes that require a long list of ingredients. Not only will these dinnertime delights save you time and effort, but they're also great for your budget. Here are some of the commonly used ingredients you'll need for the easy dinner ideas in this eCookbook. RecipeLion eCookbooks are free, downloadable recipe collections organized around a theme, such as dinner casserole recipes, holiday baking recipes, vegetable side dish recipes, restaurant copycat recipes, and more. If you are having trouble downloading our free eCookbooks, visit our FAQ page here: How to Download Our eCookbooks? If you enjoyed this free eCookbook, you won't want to miss any of our other downloadable recipe collections.
With your free copy of 5-Ingredient Recipes: 21 Easy Dinner Ideas with 5 Ingredients or Less (as with all of our free downloadable eCookbooks) you can also subscribe to our free Quick and Easy Recipes newsletter to get free recipes delivered to your email inbox every week. Six weekly emails with free recipes, tips, collection pages, videos and more + a weekly wrap-up.
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But, depending on your location and schedule, whipping up a fresh, homemade meal isn’t always an option.
If you’re stuck at your desk, the meals below are excellent dinner options—ones that make for excellent next-day lunches.

Well these seven recipes only require five ingredients (not including salt and pepper, natch). But if you feel like amping it up, throw some avocado or lean protein (like chicken or turkey) on top. If you have any truffle oil on hand, Pinch Of Yum highly recommends drizzling it over this creamy soup. Get the recipe here.
With this FREE eCookbook youll find the best restaurant-style country dishes you can make yourself and easily too. Save yourself some time and hassle with this collection of easy dinner ideas from the recipe boxes of some of our favorite bloggers.
Many of these easy dinner ideas require ingredients you probably already have on hand, so even if you didn't plan ahead for dinner, there's no need to make an extra trip to the grocery store. We had a lot of fun collecting these dinnertime dishes and we hope they help you create memories around the family dinner table. 7) - This ground beef casserole is the epitome of a budget-friendly meal, but it's also one of the most delicious. 8) - Pork chops are a great alternative when you grow tired of making the same chicken and beef dishes, and the flavors in this pork chop casserole are completely mouthwatering. 11) - This OMG-worthy recipe for chicken might just become your family's new favorite dinner. 16) - Chances are, you already have most of the ingredients for this biscuits recipe in your pantry. From there, you can doctor them up if you like, but dishes like sweet potato and black bean chili and apple and gruyere quesadillas taste great all on their own. In this free collection of 5-ingredient recipes, you'll find everything from delicious main dishes, to easy sides and delectable desserts. Some of these easy dinner ideas require as few as two or three ingredients, but they definitely don't skimp on flavor. Once you taste these 5-ingredient recipes, you won't be able to believe they were so easy to make. The simple yet amazing flavor of this chicken makes it the perfect main dish for when you're stumped on what to make. Skip the pricey restaurant version and make juicy, flavorful orange chicken in the comfort of your own kitchen.
Adding 7-Up to biscuits makes them incredibly moist, so they'll practically melt in your mouth.

This is one of the easiest potato casserole recipes around since it only requires four ingredients. This classic deli salad recipe is a cinch to make and can be used as a light lunch or easy side dish.
With just three ingredients, these turtle bites are the perfect treat to make when you need something at the last minute.
Recipes with 5 ingredients or less not only save you time, but will cut your grocery bill as well! Is complete collection is chock full of everything from simple main dishes to foolproof sides to quick and easy desserts and a whole host of other delicious 5 ingredient recipes. This dish is perfect to bring to a picnic or serve alongside any main dish - even the pickiest eaters are sure to love it.
Be sure to keep this recipe at the top of your recipe box because you'll want to make it for every potluck or family dinner. Make this tuna macaroni salad ahead of time and refrigerate it until you're ready to serve. 23) - One bite of this cobbler and you'll be amazed that it only took three ingredients to make. It's a recipe with cake mix that can be used to make any of your favorite fruit cobbler flavors. 26) - The addition of Cool Whip makes these cake mix cookies pillow-y and soft so they truly are a dessert dream come true. What's even better is that this easy dessert recipe is ready in little more than 15 minutes.Secret Ingredient Better Than Sex Cake (pg. It's a cake mix recipe that turns a chocolate poke cake into something absolutely irresistible. With caramel, whipped topping and toffee candy bits, this cake is one for the record books.

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