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After breakfast, the table is set with the best linens, finest china and silver, and decorated with pussy willow branches and garlands of leaves.
White borscht soup is either eaten on Easter Sunday morning or served for dinner after the appetizers. Baked ham, roasted veal, roast suckling pig, roast leg of lamb, roast loin of pork, roast beef, roast turkey, roast goose, duck or chicken, and fresh white Polish sausage or biala kielbasa all make an appearance on the buffet table. This meat orgy is fleshed out with an assortment of vegetables like sweet-and-sour braised red cabbage. Some type of potato -- be it boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes or potato salad -- are a given for Easter dinner. The Polish Easter table is not just all cold meats and eggs, it's a lot about the dough. Homemade or purchased honey-flavored vodka like krupnik and cordials made in the summer months and aged for just such a special occasion make an appearance after dinner. If you are looking for the top Polish Thanksgiving recipes, this is the page to bookmark (see Polish Thanksgiving Recipes below). Even though the Poles do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Poland, there are many Polonians who have immigrated from Poland to the United States and continue to celebrate this incredible holiday with all the trimmings. Besides, the one thing the Poles are very good at is putting off a good fest with the best food--so celebrating a warm Thanksgiving meal with friends and family is very Polish.
However, they do have a festival that is not so far off in spirit of Thanksgiving, a day of giving thanks for the harvest of the preceding year.
Although some will say the two are not related at all, we can say one thing--we are all giving thanks to the bounty of the land and the food on our tables. Since we are all giving thanks to the year's harvest, it seems reasonable that we can put what ever we want on the table, even some of these amazing Polish recipes below--whether you are Polish or not.
If we follow the traditional Polish Thanksgiving menu, you may find Polish-Americans serving turkey, bigos, kielbasa, meatballs in mushroom gravy, pierogi (of course), golabki, and lots of good salads.
You can do a roasted duck or goose to be really Polish, but since turkeys are such a good deal during Thanksgiving, and produce much more meat than duck, turkey for dinner it is. Instead of doing the typical cranberry sauce, try this Polish Beet sauce recipe that goes with any meat--such as kielbasa, a Polish favorite at many holiday meals. Instead of doing a rice dish, or any grain, try roasted buckwheat with mushrooms, caramelized onions, and garlic butter. Everyone serves mashed potatoes with gravy at Thanksgiving, and the Poles are no exception. Bigos are a classic Polish dish, made with sauerkraut, mushroom, onions, and various meats.

You will never eat carrots the same way again after trying these Polish honey-glazed carrots topped with dill.
This salad is not only delicious with a perfect blend of sweet, sour, softness, and crunch--but it is a colorful dish for the dinner table. This is a very simple warm beet salad with beets, onions, balsamic vinegar, honey, and parsley. With Pudding: If you are looking for a Polish cake with a vanilla pudding on top, check out our Polish Cake Recipe II.
This is a little more time consuming to make, but if you have the time, it is an all-time Polish favorite.
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It's made with most of the foods from the swieconka basket and with the flavorful kielbasa cooking water. It comes together in a snap, especially if you use a food processor to shred the cabbage and onion. Boiled potatoes with caramelized onions and chopped dill were a favorite at my mother's table.
In fact, the first time I saw plain white horseradish, I thought it was something else entirely. Pastries and sweets of all kinds abound on the Easter table -- babas, cheesecakes, flaky jam-filled pastries, fried twists of dough -- all washed down with strong coffee or tea.
Every fruit imaginable goes into these potent sweet liqueurs to make strawberry cordial, blueberry cordial, rhubarb cordial, cranberry cordial, and more for toasting and as a sweet finale to an outrageously filling meal. But they all go into one dish or another on Smigus-Dyngus Day, also known as Wet Monday or Easter Monday. In fact, the Poles have lived in the United States for over 400 years, since 1608, as early as the Vikings, and they celebrated Thanksgiving Day with the rest of our American settlers from the beginning.
Called Dozynki, Poles celebrate the year's harvest with plenty of good food, drink, music, and dancing. Speaking of appropriate Thanksgiving recipes, the earlier settlers in America actually had an extremely varied Thanksgiving menu compared to what we serve today--which is just primarily turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and some vegetables. Potato Cheese pierogi or Mushroom & Kraut are the top holiday flavors, and top with sage butter, caramelized onions, bacon, or all the above! Leftovers go into bigos, smigus-dyngus casserole, sandwiches and ham and fruit salad on Easter Monday.

Czerwona Kapusta Zasmazana goes great with just about any dish, but is a favorite with ham, pork and sausage. We made a meal of them, especially during Lent, washed down with a cold glass of buttermilk. It's especially great for ham sandwiches -- the sweet and salty combination is unbeatable. Probably the most conspicuous of all the desserts is the Easter lamb cake, representing the Paschal Lamb, that takes center stage on the dining table, often with a miniature red-and-white Polish flag.
Bigos, Smigus-Dyngus Casserole, Smoked Sausage with Kraut, and Ham with Fruit Salad are just a few. Called Swieto Dziekczynienia in Polish, Thanksgiving Day is similar to the spirit of the Wiglia feast, more so than any other American holiday. The 1621 Plymouth celebration (the first Thanksgiving Day in America) was supplemented with dishes obtained largely by hunting, fishing, and gathering: venison (deer meat), wild fowl (ducks, geese, swans, and yes, some turkey), fish (cod, eels, and bass), shellfish (clams, lobster, and mussels), berries, fruit, wild onion, and some cultivated barley, wheat, vegetables, beans, dried Indian maize, and squash. Just let it sit in the fridge over night and serve with pine nuts, feta, and basil the next day. On Easter Saturday, swieconka baskets filled with salt, hard-cooked eggs, butter, sausage, ham, bread, babka and other foods are taken to church to be blessed by the priest.
Appetizers are mostly of the zakaski or przystawski type -- substantial small plates of cold dishes requiring a knife and fork -- rather than the przekaski type which are more like canapes.
Some make it with a kwas when it becomes zurek wielkanocny, others with sour cream or buttermilk. But some type of rye bread, like Polish sourdough rye or another type of rye the family likes, is also served. In the former category, anything goes -- stuffed hard-cooked eggs, sausages, smoked fish, caviar, aspics, creamed vegetables and more. I have memories of my father and brother grating fresh horseradish root by hand with tears streaming down their faces.
When all is ready, guests are welcomed by the head of the house with a wedge of hard-cooked egg (jaja na twardo) and wishes for health and happiness.

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